15th National Seminar-STATE OF IT 2014

-Written by Anurakta Mohanty, Sharon Singh and Naaz Abdul Kadar
–Edited by Ganeshraj

15th National Seminar , STATE OF IT 2014


On 28th Sept 2014, SCIT had the privilege to celebrate the 15th National Seminar, STATE OF IT, 2014 with the booming top worldwide discussion on  “Mobile device diversity empowerment or end of privacy?”

Dr. Dhanya Pramod
Dr. Dhanya Pramod, Director, SCIT, delivering the welcome address
Dr. Rajani Gupte
Dr. Rajani Gupte, Vice Chancellor, SIU, addressing the audience


Kumud Srinivasan
Ms. Kumud Srinivasan, Intel India’s Preseident, introducing the topic of the seminar



Panel Discussion From Left: Mr. Anupam Agarwal, Me. Ajit Hatti, Mr. Amit Ravankar, Ms. Puneet Basin, Mr. Ravi Hirolikar and Mr. K.K. Mookhey

After the auspicious lighting of the lamp ceremony, we started the event with a  short speech by our young, charismatic director Dr. Dhanya. Her insights on Cloud platform, consumerisation of technology with the desire for more flexibility, satisfaction and productivity, and balancing the benefits of mobility with challenges of mobility was really interesting. She very well explained the advent of the “BYOD : Bring your own device” trend in today’s fast changing world. She was followed by Rajni Gupte, the Vice chancellor of Symbiosis University who so gracefully held up her views about the real live flavors, events, activities , pragmatic education which makes the students of symbiosis stand out and excel in every phase of their life.

Mr. Sashikant pathak
Mr. Sashikant pathak, Head risk advisory of PWC
Audience engrossed in the panel discussion
Panel discussion








After the speech of our Symbiosis family, our yearning to hear from the President of Intel India chief guest Miss Kumud Srinivasan came to an end when she started her narration from basics of Moore’s law. How transistors becoming smaller, affordable and more powerful has become an unstoppable phenomenon. But instead of importing, India a highly price sensitive nation should focus on manufacturing it. She also explained the privacy issues, productivity of workers improved with “BYOD” in Intel India. Her final words on entrepneurship were highly motivating for the crowd. Then after a short speech by Mr. Sashikant pathak, Head risk advisory of PWC mentioned about the need to understand the needs of current generation and security incidents associated with BYOD .Then we moved onto the most awaited part of the day i.e panel discussion. On the topic “go where the puck is going to go, That’s what security is about, an immensely enthusiastic group of 5 started discussing how BYOD affects their productivity, and their subordinates.These panelists included Mr. Ravi Hirolikar (AVP and Head, Information Security Risk Management – Infosys), K. K.Mookhey (Founder – NII Consulting), Mr. Amit Ravankar (Regional Mobility Head – TCS), Mr. Anupam Agarwal (Director, PBG Customer Management – Amdocs), Mr. Ajit Hatti (Co-founder – NULL and Senior Software Engineer – Symantec) and Ms. Puneet Bhasin (Founder – Cyberjure Legal Consulting) who  brought an assortment of perspectives to the table.With BYOD the risks, policies, compliances, e-discovery applications were discussed. Finally all came to the conclusion that MDM solution, proper monitoring, advanced tools and technology could mitigate the risk and make our life easier than ever before.

Lastly with a commendable vote of thanks by Prof.Bharathi, this brilliant event came to an end with our souls gearing up to experience more interesting and pragmatic events in future.