“Run, the show has started,” said the coordinator while literally pushing the hosts on to the stage. Annirudh almost tripped onto the stage while Toral, his co-host for the day came giggling after. The couple gave a fantastic start to the event by their acts and antiques on stage as well as their lively stage presence. As the first rays of the sun marks the beginning of a new day, the lighting of the lamp marked the beginning of the event. The event was graced by none other than Dr.Raman who gave words of encouragement to all the performers and what followed was ‘Lights, Camera and Action’.

The stage was set on fire by a group of ladies who enthralled the audience with their dancing skills, gyrating to the Bollywood as well as to the western tunes, and to top the cake with a cherry was Sarvesh who was the only guy who dared to dance along with the fiery ladies!

The bar was raised by Theatre Group who had a very tough time during the rehearsals but garnered the loudest applaud in the day with their performance. The theme was based on ‘ Atithi Devo Bhava’ which was very well scripted and performed, the star performer being the hassled ‘Arab’ Himanshu who kept the audience in splits.

What followed was the much awaited event of the evening- ‘Fashion Show’. The temperature suddenly shooted up as beauties walked the ramp, the theme was based on the 7 Sins and 7 Fairy Tales.

The final act was done by the in house Rock Bank ‘Amiss.’ However the music was far from what the band name suggested, it made the crowd sing, dance, jump and scream. Most of all, it justified the Event title Samaarambh, with people gelling up and giving a feel of real India- diverse and united. It was a heady concoction of talent which made the event a spectacular one.

To sum it all, as Dr. Dhanya said praising the event, “Let’s keep this enthusiasm for the coming two years where this team work and unity will help us succeed.”

–Swanand Phadke and Naaz Abdul Kadar