Day: June 29, 2015

Leisure Photography

Macro Photography

By — SOURAV SARKAR Image courtsey: SOURAV SARKAR, MBA-ITBM (2015-2017)   MACRO PHOTOGRAPHY Shoot like a Pro! Welcome to the world of macro. Go close to nature so that you hear nature speaking to you. Macro photography is my favourite and I do a lot with it. It does not matter, what I have in […]

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Data Science Technology

Unravelling the Impression behind “Big Data”

Edited By Sreeparna Sengupta Image courtsey : Many of us seem to believe to have knowledge on how ‘Big Data analytics’ work- but how many really understand the underlying technology, its benefits and futuristic approach? Some say it has come into picture just few years back, but the real fact suggests that firms like […]

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Leisure Sports

Five Pointers that could help India get back their mojo in the Shorter Format

Featured image courtesy:×840.jpg Team India provided a nice Father’s day present to Bangladesh with a series victory and a ticket to the Champions Trophy. Captain Cool certainly looked ruffled at the press conference after the heavy defeat at the hands of Bangladesh in the second ODI. He even sarcastically agreed to give up his […]

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Liberate My Soul

At times my mind just wants to fly Like a free bird breaking the limits of the sky Into a world of oblivion that numbs every sense To bathe into the grace of a charming presence A world that breaks the walls of time And melts into an unending aura sublime It bears in its […]

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