Day: December 11, 2015

Candid Conversations Guest

Candid Conversation with Mr. Shreekanth Joshi

We had the pleasure of interviewing Mr. Shreeekanth Joshi, Vice President, Practice Head for Enterprise Digital, IOT and Cloud at Persistent Systems during ISACA Pune Chapter’s Annual Conference – ITS 2015. Following are the excerpts from that conversation. Define “Shreekanth Joshi” in one sentence! J I love what I do, I like to challenge conventional […]

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Campus Alerts Events/ Activities

“Samaarambh- Beginning Together”

Written By- Suhaani Khemchandani, MBA-TBM (2015-2017), SCIT Featured Image courtesy: Sourav Sarkar, Team Reflections The sparkling dazzle of beauty, the blend of style and art, A jargon of talent & loads of fun- that was Samaarambh- the great start!! The cultural event of SCIT for the 1st year students – rightly named Samaarambh, literally meaning […]

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Leisure Sports

Future of IPL in a turmoil

Featured Image Source: All’s not well in Indian cricket. Firstly ,the  million dollar domestic league IPL was hit by a spot fixing scandal ,leading to elimination of two of the league’s most popular teams, The Chennai Super Kings and the Rajasthan Royals. The BCCI owes its dominant position in world cricket to the IPL. Over […]

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Fitbit- The New Sports Gear in the Indian market

Featured Image Source: The degree to which technology is deep rooted in our lives can be benchmarked by the new sports wearable in the Indian Market – The Fitbit. Fitbit is a wearable technology device used by an individual to measure the number of footsteps walked and climbed and also personal metrics such as […]

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Food & Travel Leisure

Nepal Diaries

Written By- Maithili Basrur, MBA-TBM (2015-2017), SCIT   Featured Image Source: (This article is written based on my trip to Nepal 2 weeks before the devastating earthquake. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the people there…) Inner Peace, it was something which I never was bothered about amidst the hustle bustle of life. […]

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I wish …

Written By: Apoorva Kulkarni,  Assistant Professor, SCIT. Featured Image Source: Within text Image source: I wish I could bring those moments back Its only in time where I lack I wish i could bring those people back If the wheels could be put into a reverse gear I could have back those eyes […]

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Chennaite err Indian !

Written By- Swathi R Edited by – Sharon Singh, MBA-TBM (2014-2016), SCIT Featured Image Source: God proposes and Man disposes, they say. But here People of Chennai proposed and they themselves disposed. If you think I am talking only about Chennai Flood, No, you are wrong! This is a righteous anguish of an Indian […]

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