Day: February 3, 2017

Information Security Technology Upcoming Events

Women in Information Security- A paradigm shift

Written by : Avani Chandra Sibley Bacon. Michele Myauo. Susan Koehler. Jana Monroe. What do all these incredible women have in common?  Apart from being top executives at some of the world’s most renowned companies and organizations, they also happen to be a part of Tech Target’s list honouring outstanding Women of IT security”. These […]

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Candid Conversations Guest

GRC– Guest lecture

— Interviewed by Shweta Joshi, Edited by Sristy Changkakoti We thank Mr. Balajee Aratla for his precious insights on Governance Risk and Compliance How mature is GRC in our country? What are the various strategies adopted by Indian firms? GRC in India is still in a budding stage if you compare with other nations. Indian […]

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