Day: July 20, 2017

Information Security Technology

Cyber Insurance : Why do you need it? – By Kartik Ravindran

Edited By – Adya Mishra   We are living in a world surrounded by Internet. Internet has certainly made human life very smooth due to technologies like IOT, Cloud Computing etc. but on the flip side the risks involved are also huge. Cyber Security and information protection is a big challenge for companies in today’s […]

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Leisure Movies/ TV Shows

Caesar’s Planet of Apes: A Simian Revolution- By Ajay Ganesh

Edited by – Adya Mishra The Sci-Fi trilogy on Apes, began with 2011’s blockbuster Rise of the Planet of Apes. Humans’ experimentation with a cure for Alzheimer’s, leads to the evolution of a hyper-intelligent species of Apes. Apes went from normal to intelligent, while we, the humans went from intelligent (Or something similar) to worse […]

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Leisure Poetry

Sole Soul – By Amit Pradhan

Edited By- Adya Mishra To find Peace and Success. Deep, when I dive in, Searched all the trails, still Found wrong meaning to thriving, You can’t end your Sorrows Of Tomorrow, Today.. Living life for Future, Leaving today in fray. Sole soul in solitude is peace, I can’t say it as well as you, But […]

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Leisure Miscellaneous Poetry

Rush and Hush – By Sumella Qamar

Edited By Adya Mishra I stare wide-eyed and mystified at the beauty. I sit by the shore under the sun with my feet in the water.   While seeing the opposite side there was no end Just a fine line where water and sky appear to be one Like distinctive individuals around us.   At […]

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