Day: February 16, 2019


As you sow, so you reap by Sidhant Bastia

When things go right we thank the almighty to have bestowed blessings on us, or feel we got lucky.When things go wrong we blame Luck or even take it out on the almighty. I believe it’s our effort that decides if that external force helps or not. This is my version of a force looking […]

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Alumni Candid Conversations

In conversation with Reetwika Banerjee by Bishakha Jain

Team Reflections have had the oppurtunity of interviewing Ms.Reetwika Banerjee who is a professional Cyber Security Expert, presently associated with a North American media giant as their Enterprise Data Privacy Consultant. During leisure hours, Reetwika enjoys travelling, writing fiction (films, stories and poetry), travel blogs and movies in English, Hindi and Bengali languages. She is often […]

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Leisure Miscellaneous

Letting Go by Soumya V Ganesh

When it comes to writing something and making memories, it always stays as an unfulfilled dream to me. I can hardly remember how long it has been since I wrote something worthwhile. Now that life at SCIT is coming to a close, I may have something more to say to everyone here. Going through some […]

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Movies/ TV Shows

The conspiracy behind Politics led movies by Mohini Madhur

Two films on two political leaders and a lot of controversies – Thakrey and Accidental PM -movies seem to be the brand new flavour of the campaign for the approaching Lok Sabha elections. To preface this text, I must admit that I actually have deeply rooted political opinions. Unfortunately, I have trouble biting my tongue […]

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