Candid Conversation with Mr. Manu Zacharia

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 Mr. Manu Zacharia is an Information Security evangelist with more than eighteen years of professional experience. He has been conferred with a lot of prestigious awards and SCIT is very fortunate to have him as a visiting faculty for “Computer Forensics”. We are glad to present the “Gupshup” we had with him! 😀 


  •     How is Manu Zacharia as a person?

    Very boring….

  • Could you briefly tell our readers about HackIT and ISRA (especially c0c0n and Project Matriux)? What drove your journey  to HackIT?

 Information Security Research Association is a non-profit research organization started to provide a vendor-neutral platform for security research. Currently we have 9 chapters operating from 7 countries under 12 Special Interest Groups ( The two major projects that we started under ISRA is the Project Matriux and c0c0n (The CyOps Con)

 HackIT is an information security start-up firm that provides consulting and advisory services to corporate and government agencies. Currently we have our offices in India, Singapore and Dubai.

Security is fun and always challenging. It has always fascinated me and I believe the dynamic nature of security attracted me towards it. 

  • How did your journey with forensics start? What inspired you to pursue the field you are currently in?

It all started with “curiosity” – the mind-set to know how things work internally and where to look for what you want. Many people, events and situations have inspired me to pursue the field.

  • When you are not hunting for malwares, what do you do?

            H@cking minds 🙂

  • What is teaching in SCIT like and how has your journey in SCIT been so far?

A wonderful experience where I interact with the management brains of future Indian security industry. The campus is always lively and filled with positive energy and lot of innovative and novel activities.

  • A message for the students of SCIT

            “The world is full of fascinating problems waiting to be solved.” (The Hacker Attitude)

  • Rapid Fire

          —Your favourite hangout place in Pune:

I generally do not hangout much, but few friends introduced me to few nice places like “Sheesha, Hoppipola, and Kiva Brew Pub

          —Your favourite books:

               Freedom at Midnight

         —A must visit website for tech geeks:

              Many, but to start with – Webopedia

         —Your favourite movie:

              City of Angels

        —The conference you’d like to attend again and again?

              Any g33k conference 🙂