Aishwarya Garg

SCIT Reflections Team 

Editor's Note
 Angelina Gokhale: Faculty Mentor and Chief Editor

Editor and Social Media Coordinator - Akash Goel

 Akash Goel: Editor and  Social Media Coordinator

An impatient procrastinator, avid reader, writer, sports, and a technology enthusiast.


Editor - Adya MishraAdya Mishra: Editor

A bibliophile, writer, dreamer and a passionate conservationist.


Designer - Reshma K S Reshma K S: Web Developer and Print Issue Designer

A management student by choice, a web designer by chance.


Editor - Sristy Changkakoti

Sristy Changkakoti: Editor

Passionate learner to an executor ,  I veer from downright geeky to extremely sassy…


Designer- Sri Divya KocherlakotaSri Divya Kocherlakota: Print Issue Designer
A bubbly, happy-go-lucky girl who loves reading and writing interesting and new stuff.


Designer -Siddhant BastiaSidhant Bastia: Author
An amicable and amiable guy who loves to write his heart out.
Voracious reader-Avid listener-Vivid thinker-Striking orator.


Author - Shubhangi SuralkarShubhangi Suralkar: Author and Social Media Promoter
An enthusiastic and motivated, always ready to take challenges and seek opportunities to gain knowledge.


Author - Chandrani TaChandrani Ta:Author
I love to socialize with people around me preferably not via digital means always but by self interaction from my end.


Author -Aksha MondalAksha Mondal :Author
I am creative, explorative and fun loving in nature. Passionate about writing and enjoy story telling. Wants to be known as critic.


Author -Bhamini VisputeBhamini Vispute :Author
Serial Foodie, Active Art Of Living Volunteer, Occasional Writer, Water Sports enthusiast, Dog & Elephant lover! I start my day with Yoga & Meditation.. you should too!


Author -Sayali SawantSayali Sawant :Author
Believes “Follow what you are genuinely passionate about and let that guide you to your destination” – Diane Sawyer


Author - Bishakha Jain Bishakha Jain: Author
An inquisitive bibliophile, a travel aficionado and an incorrigible doodler.


Author - Shalini RaiShalini Rai: Author
Reading and writing have been my constant companions ever since I picked up my first Famous Five book in 4th std…and then there was no looking back 😉


Author -Tanmay AgarwalTanmay Agarwal: Author
Avid reader. Love to read new people, and more importantly between the lines and the eyes.


Author - Runali MehtaRunali Mehta: Author
I am a very philosophical person & love to enjoy my life. Being a Gujarati born & brought up in Kerala I enjoy both the cultures. I like to read & write inspirational stories. Taking up challenges in life is my passion.

Author - Aishwarya ItagiAishwarya Itagi: Author

Introvert, Sports Enthusiast, Traveler, American Series follower.


Author - Pranshi GuptaPranshi Gupta: Author
I am a True Idealist and Stand up for what I believe in. I love my life and enjoy even the littlest things in life.


Promoter - Nidhi VermaNidhi Verma: Social Media Promoter
A creative and fun loving individual who likes to read and believes that “Reading gives us some place to go,when we have to stay where we are”.


Designer - Kajal Jadhav Kajal Jadhav: Web Developer and Social Media Promoter

Optimistic, risk-taker,wishful thinker. Strong believer and follower of The Secret.


Author - Souptik SurSouptik Sur: Author
I like Improvising and emancipating content writing to an optimum level so that reader’s grey cells feel the tingling sensation. Writing is where I give my utmost importance.


Designer- Isha BansalIsha Bansal: Print Issue Designer
She is a dreamer and a philanthropist. She enjoys de-cluttering and cooking. An awkward, little girl who seldom talks sensible but is fun to be around.


Designer - Aishwarya Garg Aishwarya Garg: Web Developer