IT Infrastructure Technology

IoT(Internet of Things) in IT Infrastructure – By Saurabh Prakash Srivastava

Written By – Saurabh Srivastava (Reviewed  by – Angelina Gokhale, Faculty for ITIE course  Edited by – Adya Mishra) [As part of the IT Infrastructure Essentials Course, PGPITBM programme, Batch 2016-2017, Semester – I]   Introduction: IOT i.e. Internet of Things is becoming an increasingly popular topic of discussion all around the world. The “Internet […]

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Information Security Technology

Cyber Insurance : Why do you need it? – By Kartik Ravindran

Edited By – Adya Mishra   We are living in a world surrounded by Internet. Internet has certainly made human life very smooth due to technologies like IOT, Cloud Computing etc. but on the flip side the risks involved are also huge. Cyber Security and information protection is a big challenge for companies in today’s […]

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Business Information Security

Can there be a more powerful attacker than WannaCry ???

With everyone’s eye on this monster “Wannacry” after the recent havoc created across the world, there comes another big player in the race which till date is believed to have no recovery solution by most security experts. Amidst developing fixes for the Wannacry ransomware, Benjamin Delpy a security researcher has created a tool which can […]

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Business Information Security Technology

Wanna Cry?

On May 12, 2017, the unprecedented outbreak of a ransom-ware attack took the world by surprise, affecting more than 200,000 systems in more than 150 countries (as of 16th May, 2017). The attack, known as the “WannaCry” ransom-ware attack (also known as WannaCrypt/WannaCryptOr 2.0/Wanna Decryptor) is an on-going cyber attack targeting the Microsoft windows operating […]

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Data Science Technology

Data Science: Still the dream Job…?

Following the data science gold rush across the globe, many graduates from the field of computer science, Information Technology, statistics etc. have debated whether to stay with their chosen fields or switch to data science in hope of greener pastures. Looking at the present global scenario, with the introduction of new policies in the United […]

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Information Security Technology Upcoming Events

Women in Information Security- A paradigm shift

Written by : Avani Chandra Sibley Bacon. Michele Myauo. Susan Koehler. Jana Monroe. What do all these incredible women have in common?  Apart from being top executives at some of the world’s most renowned companies and organizations, they also happen to be a part of Tech Target’s list honouring outstanding Women of IT security”. These […]

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Nullcon 2017: A Pandora’s box for Security?

Edited by- Abhishek Bele “Security is not optional; those who realize this and quickly adapt to the rapid changes in this battlefield will survive.” The above statement is a testimony to what a security event like Nullcon stands for, its importance and what it brings to the table for us. Nullcon, often touted as the […]

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Information Security Technology

“Is information security a necessity in today’s era or its just a myth ?”

“Information” -It is the channel for competitive advantage for organisations in market, source of awareness among common masses, a shock or a surprise, and there are lot more adjectives that can be used to describe this word. These information can be sensitive or public which when not taken proper care could lead to extreme consequences […]

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Information Security of ERP application

On 26th July 2016, Team Matrix conducted a Knowledge Sharing Session on “Synergies between Information Security and Systems” for students of 2016-18 batch. The speaker of the session was Vikas Sharma, MBA-ITBM 2015-17 batch. The agenda of organizing this session was to provide the students insights on the importance of information security in the field […]

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Candid talk with cyber security maniacs—

“Candid talk with cyber security maniacs—Enigma”   —Here are the highlights of informative experience of the students of SICSR, Pune –Ujwal Singhana, Sristi Sonal & Harsh Mehta and student of COEP, Pune- Yugandha Sulakshane … How was your experience of “Enigma”? Enigma provided us with an enriching experience of the world of cyber security. We […]

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