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15th National Seminar-STATE OF IT 2014

–-Written by Anurakta Mohanty, Sharon Singh and Naaz Abdul Kadar –Edited by Ganeshraj 15th National Seminar , STATE OF IT 2014   On 28th Sept 2014, SCIT had the privilege to celebrate the 15th National Seminar, STATE OF IT, 2014 with the booming top worldwide discussion on  “Mobile device diversity empowerment or end of privacy?”     […]

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Navratri Celebrations 2014

Symbiosis– The name itself suggests a blend, an amalgamation that bears witness to the diverse culture of students from all around the Indian subcontinent. All round the year all these students spend their time in various diversified activities ranging from academics to extra-curricular ones. However, it is the festive season that unites us all through […]

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“Run, the show has started,” said the coordinator while literally pushing the hosts on to the stage. Annirudh almost tripped onto the stage while Toral, his co-host for the day came giggling after. The couple gave a fantastic start to the event by their acts and antiques on stage as well as their lively stage […]

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