Kun-Faya-Kun – Mohammad Adib Aslam

Ever imagined the meaning of this beautiful line from the song that takes us in a trance and makes us believe that there is someone, who takes care of us in our moments of despair. Well, even I did not know this, until my mom explained it to me. It means “that we all have […]

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Bandha Khet – Mohammad Adib Aslam

मैं जो तेरी खुशियों का सागर था ,आज तेरी दुखो का साखी हूँ।तेरेआंसू मुझे क्या सीचेंगे,मैं तो तेरे हांथों से निकलती रेत हूँ, जो मेरी कद्र जानता है,उसके साथ ही गलत हुआ है।मैं कोई वैश्या थी क्या,जिसकी धरोहर का हरबार सौदा हुआ है। मैं उंच और नीच का भेद हूँ।तुम्हारेअन्नदाता की खेद हू।हाँ, मैं बंधा […]

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Fiction Team Reflections

I am War! – Aklant Das

Hi! I am “WAR”. What! Are you taken aback? Well, let me tell you a little secret: every word in a dictionary is alive and has feelings. Although I was first mentioned in literature or given a name in the 12th century, I am certain that I existed long before that. I don’t recall much […]

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Wall of Fame

Feat at the Diana Initiative – Alumnus Bishakha Jain

“I think the success of any school can be measured by the contribution the alumni make to our national life” – John. F. Kennedy SCIT has been fortunate to witness its alumni excelling in the industry and making the institution proud. One such alumnus is Miss. Bishakha Jain of the 2017-2019 Batch. Apart from being […]

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