A Day of Being With You – By Sidhant Bastia

Reviewed By – Akash Goel


The poem is about the current lives of people, working hard to earn their bread & butter without keeping a track of time and their life, staying away from their loved ones in a helpless situation where they have to choose between money and family.  


On a lonely dark night,

I gave up the day’s fight.

I lay dead on my bed,

Soon into hibernation…I walked into another nation.

A blue sky with a fainting moon,

On the other side an oozing noon.

Familiar with the face,

An odyssey waiting to take place.

A feral turn and a whiplash,

And I was flushed onto the grass…

Laying hand in hand, here she was.

My ingénue pal, whom I crave for…

In my arms breathing deeper.

Her fingers rolled over mine,

Her warm breath, pumping my adrenaline,

As her tender skin touched mine,

And with that our eyes slowly aligned.

Under the umbrage of a tree…

We sat down, happy being free.

A day of being with you was now true…

Distance from you was no more a reason to rue.

“It was a dream guys and dreams don’t last more than the sleep”

Ephemeral the trance was…

A vexing gory ring stabbed my dream,

An alarm it was…showing six…

Asking me to get up & get my life a fix.

Here I stand unmeasured miles away,


Am I earning a living or losing my loving????


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