A rendezvous with the MALANG band by Shobhita Jain

Team Reflections have had the opportunity of interviewing- “The MALANG Band”. The MALANG is a “Sufi Ethnic” Rock band based out of Pune. A complete ensemble of vocalist (Zeeshan Khan), guitarist (Siddharth kota ) a bassist (Chandrakant Unavane ) and a drummer. (Ganesh ).Their music embodies music, expression and freedom – a fusion of classic rock with Urdu/Hindi lyrics. The band is managed by Zeeshan and Neda.

They also received the following awards for their brilliant performances-

  • Winner of Judges Choice Award (Pune talent Hunt 2015)
  • Winner of People Choice Award (Pune talent Hunt 2015)
  • Finalist of Battle of Band Pune 2015
  • Won Second Prize in Battle of Band Held in Seasons Mall 2014


So without wasting any time, let’s get into this conversation with these Sufi Ethnic Rock Band.


Shobhita Starting with the first question to Zeeshan could you explain us Malang Band in five words?

Zeeshan Unite Different People with Music


Shobhita – This question is for all of you that, what is it about your music that people across all generations sway to your tunes?

Team We are trying to create Music that is not restricted to any specific genre and try to keep the essence of simplicity so that it resonates to people of all ages.


Shobhita How did you all take this journey? Was it smooth?

Team We work very hard on establishing a name for ourselves and it is the people trust that has led us to give more than 100% and perform to the best of our capabilities.


Shobhita You has won many awards in Pune itself. What is your next target?

Team- The next target is to release our album and to perform at NH7.


Shobhita Where did you derive this energy and passion from?

Zeeshan Whenever I perform on stage, the audience respond to our songs and tunes with tremendous energy, therefore my passion and energy towards music increases more and it takes the performance onto a different level altogether.


Shobhita Where do you see Malang the band in upcoming years?

Team We see Malang tour around the World and do what they are best known for – “Entertain the Audience”


Shobhita What drew you all to the music industry?

Team Everyone in the band has a different influence on life and music. All of us follow different Musician / Artists and by seeing and following their footsteps, we tried to make it into the industry.


Shobhita- What does your Band name mean?

Zeeshan- Carefree


Shobhita- Which famous musicians do you admire? Why?

Zeeshan Each one of these artists influenced me for different genre of music for an example Javed Bashir help me to present classical music into a rock version and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Saab has been purely Sufi music and if you talk about to Mohan Kanan he has been one of the great examples of how to put through a soft music into a romantic triglyceride and sound it beautiful or similarly Sonu Nigam has been an inspiration across the nation he can sing anything and at last it is Jagjit Singh Saab who is all time favourite and one of the best musicians in the has ever produced


Shobhita How did you all meet?

Zeeshan- It’s a long story everyone has a better different stage of life if I talk about Chandrakant. We started our journey for another project and then I need that project as Malang and started the journey.

Ganesh I am a 10 one of the shows which were organised by one of a very close friend and all the renowned musicians were part of it and he was playing the drums for the maximum of the people and that day I realise that this guy has Spark and I should keep him in my team

Siddharth- I have seen him play when I was a judging battle of a band in one of the colleges and I saw him playing and I saw the potential in him at the very first time only I am sure that I that he would be a great addition to the band


Shobhita- What advice would you give to beginners who are nervous?

Zeeshan- Music and performing it’s all about consistency you keep learning and keep performing don’t lose focus that’s the key and that would help you to reach where you want to.


Shobhita- What is the best moment of your life during your music journey till now?

Zeeshan- I would say it has not arrived yet I am still waiting for something outstanding to happen in my career.


Shobhita When did you all start your musical journey?

Team Everyone in the band has been playing and performing for almost 10 years now.


Shobhita When did you start this band?

Zeeshan Malang the Band was formed in 2014.


Shobhita What are the challenges you faced in starting this band?

Zeeshan Music and performing it’s all about consistency you keep learning and keep performing don’t lose focus that’s the key and that would help you to reach where you want to.


Shobhita Malang the band has given SCIT one of the best concert nights ever. We are so delighted to be able to have you here. So how was your experience in SCIT?

Team SCIT was a Magical and full on Powerful Concert. By far it is one of the best live concerts we have ever performed. We won’t be able to forget the high energy that SCITians have. Thank you for having us.

A Quick Rapid Fire with Zeeshan

  • Who are some of your favourite musicians and bands?

Zeeshan –Mekaal Hasan band Agni jal door and artist Javed Bashir Hariharan Sahib .If I talk about drums it is Darshan Joshi and if it is about music direction its Shankar Mahadevan, Amit Trivedi and AR Rahman

  • How would you describe your perfect day in one line?

Zeeshan– I have my brothers around and we chill.

  • Which is your favourite hangout place in Pune?

Zeeshan– Ales, brews and Ciders

  • The best thing you want to do in your free time?

Zeeshan – Sleep

  • Your Favourite Cuisine?

Zeeshan -Indian

  • Your favourite song?

Zeeshan -Saiyaan and Khwab

Thank you so much to all of you for giving your valuable time. All the best for your next performances and will hope to get another chance to hear from you all soon.