A tête-à-tête with Siddhartha Joshi by Bishakha Jain

Reflections have had the opportunity to interview Mr.Siddhartha Joshi, one of the most popular travel bloggers from India and the owner of www.sid-thewanderer.com .His blog has been consistently rated as India’s top Travel and Living Blog, with stories of his own travel experiences from across the world. The blog has travelogues, travel tips, photography tips, travel product reviews and also a few travel videos.Also, Mr.Joshi is one of top Instagrammers to follow in India.

Let’s learn from his experience and start this interview.

1. Why did you start traveling? What made you fall in love with it?
Always been traveling – my father had a job which required us to move every two years, so only know of life where you constantly move.
2. Whats your travel style?
I don’t have one – I try and do new things when I travel.
3. Honestly how do you manage expenses? Can you give me a practical day to day example of your costs involved?
I work as a professional travel blogger – which means I work with travel partners for many of my trips, so expenses aren’t a concern. In fact, the intent is to not manage expense, but earn through a life of traveling. I also work as a designer so I do use a part of my earnings for travel.
4. Travel insurance if any? how did you pick one?
Only when I travel internationally – I am not so picky about it, but always have it.
5. How do you manage to get perks/upgrades/etc based on your traveling life-style?
I don’t get any of those.
6. Have you ever fallen in love on the roads? Tell me about it
Yes, all the time with the destinations. Like Kashmir.
7. Have you ever come face to face with some extra-ordinary experience? What was it ?
Most travel experiences are extraordinary for me. I am constantly learning about the world around me and that keeps me going.
8. Do you feel burnt out by constant traveling? Yes, then how to you deal with it? No, then how to you go about it?
I don’t, at least not yet.
9. Some traveling hacks, which is generally not known by people?
I don’t know any secret ones. But for a frequent flyer, the mileage points are great and often allow me to fly for free. I also often use Couchsurfing – get to meet great people and also save on staying costs. In general, when you travel, do everything local – that’s often a good starting point for affordable travels.
10.What is the story behind your blog?
The Wanderer happened more by chance, as I was sitting alone one cold afternoon in Almora and thinking about ways to spend my evening. But now its a part of me, I enjoy writing about my travels and sharing with people. Their feedback helps me as well as the blog to grow and evolve.
Hope this little conversation has inspired a few to pack their bags and explore the unexplored.
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