AGILE VS CMMi – Guest Lecture..

Reviewed By – Sristy Changkakoti

How would you describe “Shrikant Chaphekar” as a person?

Passionate about teaching, witty, inspiring and empathetic.

What inspired you to work in the field of consulting and have your journey been till now?

After working in IT industry for over 30 years in various functions like Quality,PMO and Delivery ,I thought of using wisdom gained ,for the small IT consultancy firms to overcome their challenges.
Working as consultant gives immense pleasure as it involves catering to variety of needs for the clients.

Being a certified consultant in AGILE and CMMI, how far have you seen organisations implementing them to ensure effectiveness in their processes altogether?

Few organisations implement Agile and CMMi practices as client mandate, and hence do not reap many of the benefits; Organisations who understand the potential advantages of using these practices, implement in spirit (with help of mature and capable teams-internal or external) and eventually realise business benefits.

Philosophically speaking does AGILE and CMMI conflict/ contradict at some/many points?

1.CMMi principles and practices can be implemented for projects under categories including development,support,reengineering,migration etc.. Thus CMMi has broader coverage compared to Agile methodology which can be used typically for projects under ‘development’ category.
2. Agile and CMMi have few similarities and many complementary characteristics which help project run smoother.
3. Agile emphasises on ‘faster response to business change’ while CMMi emphasises on ‘Planning’ and typical project has to use mix of both attributes.
4. Agile is more external (customer) focused while CMMi typically focuses on compliance to organisation artefacts
To summarise, both are equally important for a ‘development’ project and are so to say two sides of a coin…

Your take on students attending SCRUM or CMMI trainings

    Students are typically aware of both the practices to some extent and keen to know how organisations implement and benefit from these practices.

How was your experience in SCIT and any special message you would like to pass on to the students of SCIT?
I was amazed by students’ patient listening, disciplined behaviour and interesting queries though it was the last session of the day.
Students should strive for ‘autonomy’ in every assignment, be capable to manage complex tasks,try using new tools and techniques all the time and keep on increasing ‘influence’ circle

Rapid Fire:

Your favourite place in Pune: P.L. Garden and Peacock Bay
Your favourite books: You Can Win by Shiv Khera
The Monk who sold his Ferrari by Robin Sharma
A must visit website for tech geeks: especially the ‘knowledge centre’ option in this website
Would you like to visit SCIT again?
Certainly; I enjoy interacting with Young-generation for the enthusiasm they show and would love to share industry experience which should help them in shaping their career paths.