Alumnus of the Month — Gaurav Thorat !!


  1. Tell us something about you…

I am a Pakka Puneri who loves technology, food and gadgets. An Information security enthusiast & a community volunteer (ISACA, Team Matrix & null). I love connecting with people and aspire to start a venture of my own with some like minded people.

  1. Your journey at SCIT ..

My journey at SCIT was a bumpy ride. My first hostel experience, made some best friends & mentors for life. Subjects like Stats & Accounts always reminded me of Taare Jamin pe movie but wholeheartedly attended all Information Security subjects.I had best memories of Graffiti’12 & CSAM’13 & not to forgot “all”SCMHRD events to which SCIT had access to! Met many likeminded people started activities under Team Matrix & ISACA Student Group.

  1. What is your current company and role

I work with Ernst & Young, Pune as Risk Advisory Consultant. In my current role I get to work with diversified clients which includes Manufacturing, Telecom, Pharma, Automobile, IT & ITES. Typical engagements are related to ISO 27001, ITGC, internal audits, vendor review & DLP consultation.

  1. Information about current domain ..

Information security is an important aspect of any industry be it a BFSI, manufacturing or IT/Telecom. Cyber security & e-governance are the two new buzz words, which are discussed within many organizations & security forums. Information security is a challeging domain where in every day gives rise to new security risk/flaws in exisiting technologies/products. Therefore in order to advise clients consultants needs to be updated about all the latest happenings.

  1. Required skill set for above domain

Good obseravtion skills & grasping power , interpersonal skills, technical know how of various domains in Information security & constant hunger for knowledge.

  1. What are the Roadblocks that await ahead and solutions when working is above domain..

People tend to run away from technical aspects of information security, it’s very crucial to understand that technology is base of every solution. Consulting is not easy as it sounds, clients spend money in multifold for your time. Be punctual, attentive & sincere in providing smart solutions to your client’s problems.

CSAM 2014!!
CSAM 2014!!

7.How the ISACA Student Group materialized

I have always been part of communities like Microsoft student partners, null, team matrix. I & my classmate Sadasivan N G, we attended few sessions at ISACA Pune chapter. We really liked the concept & the community work that was being carried out by ISACA. We were guided by our senior Mr. Rajeev Gupta &Sr. Membership co-ordinator at ISACA HQ – Mr. Bob Birdsell in forming ISACA’s first official student group in India. We were supported by two of our juniors Mr. Akshay Deshpande & Ms. Devika Tibrewal. Within a span of month after forming the ISACA Student Group (ISG), we had more than 10 student members.

8.Experiences during your visit to Chicago and being a member of the Student Committee

After leading ISG at SCIT, I was fortunate to be chosen for ISACA’s international committee of 8 members, Student & Academic subcomittee (SAS) year SAS committee meet in Chicago for a face to face meeting to discuss new opportunities for ISACA & academic community. I currently look after Asia region for ISACA’s student & academic affairs. It is indeed the best feeling to sit with the group of emminent people for a round table conference in Chicago’s amazing weather! First international travel, stay in beautiful hyatt regency & back to back appreciation dinners at some amazing restaurants in Chicago to summarize my Chicago visit. I’m now waiting for my next visit to Chicago in 2015.

9.Possible future prospects and collaborations between SCIT and ISACA

I’m proud to say that due to success of CSAM’13, ISACA had sponsored entire CSAM’14 for current year. In future there are various possibilities for SCIT  students/faculties to be part of research opportunities of ISACA, to work on some joint initiatives with other two ISGs in IIM Luknow & Madras University.

10.Message to current batch

Identify your area of interest, utilize your free time (post placements) to prepare for CISA/CISSP, go to GOA have fun before you get “suit”ed for the corporate life!