An Untold Story of Article 370 by Akanksha Jangid and Simran Gupta

People were rushing, a lot of buzz and chaos, screams and cries along with gunshots is all that was heard. Sitting at the corner being scared, hiding from the fate a young eye-witnessed. This is what J&K would have remembered if Article 370 and 35(A) never eradicated.

 Even being famous for its beauty and nature, J&K has always been a victim of terrorism and a lack of development. Moreover, due to this, places beyond capital cities never got any opportunity for development. Ladakh is one of such places that had been bearing the consequences of being the part of J&K, it never got its identification because of Kashmir always being in the news for wrong causes.

The long struggle for seven decades and a lost dream where every resident of J&K has seeing, for once being treated as a normal Indian citizen and J&K being a part of the Union of India has come true. And questions they face say, did u grew up seeing a riot or you must be habitual to gunshots, riots, terrorism and at times even being suspected as one of them came to an end. Seeing these basic problems faced by the people of J&K in which Article 370 has played a major role, which has been revoked on 5th August 2019became a different celebration of independence for them and they can proudly hoist the Indian flag now. There won’t be any separate constitution for J&K and they will also follow IPC (Indian Penal Code). It will create a feeling of single citizenship throughout the nation.

BJP has finally fulfilled the promise they made during the manifesto for the Lok Sabha elections held in 2014. Prime Minister Narendra Modi along with Home Minister Amit Shah, played the key role in making their country free from Article 370 as stated by Vice president M Venkian Naidu. Now J&K and Ladakh both have their own identity as different Union Territories with J&K having a legislature and this has been opening doors for a new opportunity and transform a valley of trouble into a triumph of joy.

Million hearts that have been dying to get a glimpse of their son, husband or dad who are bravely serving in J&K will now have a sigh of relief, as it would be more monitored and less dicey.

People travelling across J&K would not face any kind of communication barrier, as there won’t be any deactivation of telecom services that will take place. More infrastructure and industries would set up which would lead to greater opportunities and reduces unemployment. Most importantly Right to Education would be implemented which will ensure the growth of UTs. Other benefits including migration across the country and will not take away the citizenship rights of women in the case of marriage beyond J&K.

Coming to international situations that are not that smooth but with this commendable action taken by the government, the regulation of borders would become better and convenient. Further, it would curb the terrorist activities, as the terrorist groups hiding in J&K would be eliminating.

The aftermath of the eviction of Article 370 and 35(A) would be seeing more evidently in the coming years. Yes, we agree, that in the initial stages, there would be many challenges and revolts but in the end, India would witness advancement, straightforward administration and development in every aspect.

Taking this decision by the govt of India was a challenging step but as said, “Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.”