As you sow, so you reap by Sidhant Bastia

When things go right we thank the almighty to have bestowed blessings on us, or feel we got lucky.When things go wrong we blame Luck or even take it out on the almighty. I believe it’s our effort that decides if that external force helps or not. This is my version of a force looking over us…


Clouds that spreads over us,

The spread that shows us witchery,

The space which has celestials,

Just tells someone is looking over us.


I found that concealed,

Dark and peril,

Even you can!

Just look above…,

It changes its face religiously.


The legion is different,

But the religion is same,

Our visions might be different,

But our reasons are same.


I am talking about the devil,

That I see every night,

Glowing away like sheer,

Making my eyes… peer.


Be focused you can see too…,

Believe me! my words are prudent,

Don’t dent on eyes,

Because it’s the sight of a life.


It tells me….

The sky is yours to take,

It’s every ones to grab,

But can you?


Gruesome fight it is,

Devils right and people’s bite it is,

Better sneak into your harbour,

It’s all about power!


If you too have the rage too,

Then gaze into the devils eye,

Find the concealed,

Make it Act like a shield,


Live with what your fate decides to yield.

Because as you sow, so you reap.