Author: Angelina Gokhale

Nullcon- Winja 2020

My Journey with Nullcon Winja

My journey with Nullcon and Winja began in 2015 with our very own Professor, Manu Zacharia, introducing us to the real world of security. Along with five other student cum colleagues, I enjoyed every moment being a part of this conference. Little did I know that my life would take a turn since 2017 (my […]

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Candid Conversations Guest

Candid Conversation with Ms. Suhasini Ozarde

Edited By Shobhita Jain Team Reflections have had the opportunity of interviewing Ms. Suhasini Ozarde who is the founder of “Your Health Matters” which is a platform to motivate others to live a healthy lifestyle and to make India fit. Que: Describe Suhasini as a person Ans: Suhasini as a person is very enthusiastic about […]

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Candid Conversations Guest Information Security Nullcon-Winja 2019

Candid conversation with Ms.Sneha Rajguru

We had the opportunity of interviewing Ms.Sneha Rajguru who is the founder of WINJA which is a platform to promote and celebrate women in security. Sneha is currently working as a Staff Security Engineer for Byton and has been in the field of Information Security for over 6 years now.We present to you the excerpts […]

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Campus Alerts Conferences/ Seminars Events/ Activities Information Security Nullcon-Winja 2019 Technology

Winja-Null Pune Session!

–By Angelina L. Gokhale and Kaustubh Chavan Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology (SCIT), Pune The Null Pune Chapter hosted the first Winja Session on the 5th of January 2019 inviting women speakers to discuss on the upcoming trends and research in information security. The session received enthusiastic participation from over 45 attendees making it a […]

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Candid Conversations Guest Music

Candid Conversation with Nikhil Aarons

“To play without passion is inexcusable !”― Ludwig van Beethoven. We had an opportunity to interact with Nikhil Aarons – the Musician, teacher and rhythm guitarist of Aftr’light band. It was a great time knowing about his passion for music and what drove him into taking this up as a full time career option. We […]

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Candid Conversations Conferences/ Seminars Guest

Candid Conversation with Neelu Tripathy

Nullcon 2017 has been a great experience! I was fortunate to have had this opportunity interacting with Neelu Tripathy at Winja CTF where we volunteered together and had a great time participating in the Social Engineering Village organized by Neelu. We bring you the excerpts of our candid conversation with her. She is a Security […]

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Candid Conversations Conferences/ Seminars Guest

Candid Conversation with Mrs. Shobha Rani J.

We had an opportunity to interact with Mrs. Shobha Rani J, CISSP, Engineering Manager, WallmartLabs India. Being a Security Evangelist she was also the moderator for the Winja CXO Panel and CTF @Nullcon 2017 (events sponsored by WallmartLabs). It was our pleasure to interact with her and I bring you some excerpts from our candid […]

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Conferences/ Seminars From the E-DESK (Editor's desk)

The Nullcon 2017 Effect!

This international security conference is worth attending! Students from SCIT accompanied me on this journey to the actual Security Destination – Holiday Inn Resort, Goa from the 28th of Feb to the 4th of March. The conference had various training workshops on topics like Practical IoT Hacking, Advanced Infrastructure Security Assessment Training and Assessing And […]

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Leisure Sports

Predict the Unpredictable!!

Written By- Pratik Deshpande, MBA-TBM (2014-2016), SCIT Image source :- When you watch a match comprising of Pakistan, you almost feel as if you have entered a casino, Land of unpredictability. You can decipher a Christopher Nolan movie better than a Pakistan team. Even Stephen Hawking would require nine lives to analyze this Pakistan […]

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