Beautiful Eyes -By Anant Dutt

We all have secrets, don’t we?  Well, this lady is a bit unusual. But in the best way possible. Being comfortable in her shoes, not fidgeting, constantly checking her appearance, or constantly wondering what people think of her. Knowing who she is, what she stands for, and can think for herself. Assertive when it comes down to it, but also graceful in conversation when faced with a differing view. As a paragon of purity, she is like a breath of fresh air, the one with the ability to light up a room with her joviality.

Describing her is not possible, you know why; because there are no words to describe her. It’s like from the first glance you are left speechless there on the spot.

After a moment you finally get back to reality, just to go back into day dreaming because of her smile. Her smile, shines bright like thousand sun rays, but as beautiful as a diamond’s reflection of off the sun. Her beautiful red lips, glistening redder, than a fresh new apple just picked from a tree. When she speaks, her voice may sound quiet and normal, but when the words finally reach you, her voice is sweeter than a choir full of angels. From a far, she seems shy! The more you get to talk to her; you realize that she isn’t that shy. Her personality, perfect like everything else about her. The moment you see her you develop a crush on her. It’s not a temporary feeling, but a feeling that’s going to last and will develop over time.

Most of all, no matter how much you try to describe her you won’t be able to because it would take your life to finally achieve the goal, with a fixed result; Failure! Beauty has no words. You will tell her over and over again she is beautiful, smart, gorgeous and sweet, even if she doesn’t believe you. You will do that without even thinking, because the only thing on your mind will be one question. “How can I make her day better?”

And her I go,

Her eyes tell a story, from every category, from pain to happiness, heartbreaks to betrayals, she is a survivor. Her eyes show her soul, and you can see her shivering because life’s so cold.

Let me in with a promise to forever hold us together until our hearts fold together.

I’m going to look you in your eyes,

Damn!! What two beautiful lives?

I will kiss you in the rain from the skies

And will make you mine.

“The Girl with the Beautiful eyes”