Beauty or Brains?

Beauty and brains both are things to awe and envy for. Since the first light of enlightenment dawned upon us and we came into being, brains have conquered the world and beauty has moved it. The thing with beauty is that it has always been perceived by heart and never through brain but it affects the brain most; sometimes letting it crosses the boundaries of its imagination and sometimes bewitching making it forget the difference between reality and dreams.

What if there is no yin and yang together that creates the harmony and the world? What if you got to choose? Left or right, no in-between.  Then comes the chaos; chaos between your heart and mind, chaos between your priorities and your wish. Now I realize the subtle difference that lies there between need and want.

I am very vary with the fact that my say is going to be your peace of thought for some time and I feel scared to lose you but then I don’t want to be another someone for you in this obscure world who hides behind the curtain in the world of doers. I surrender to you and tell you that my pious at the hour of ‘his’ judgment will reside with the conqueror, the brain. But I can’t void out the fact that the deepness I feel within me came from the deity of beauties I saw, I felt. When I saw her and called her mother for the first time, when the remains of a place beguiled me for what history of passion it holds. And then how can I forget you, yes you; the beauty in your thoughts, the beauty in your words, the beauty in how you connect to this world and the beauty in your brain.

Oh I wish when the judgment day comes, he treats us as the argils of his ordain and revere us with a place where not even a fine line of spectrum lies in our scruples asking will it the beauty or the brain?

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