Caliginous Memoir by Ashneet Singh

~Edited by Bishakha Jain

When life has given nothing except failures
When you can’t feel that heart pounding inside
When you’re visualising but can’t sense it
When the wind is kissing you but you can’t feel it

Tangled in lies, weighted under the agony
Once done, the less you say, the more it pulls under
Happiness is a wisp when surmounted by fear
And you find yourself dangling, where the truth is abyssal.

Now that you are trapped inside,
Come to hold my hand, you have done your time.
Beneath that ocean to the forged silver scales
To the Enlightened one welcome gates.

Path of destruction
A world where the result is more important than the struggle
Thinking of their own whims, sinners.
The product of your past deed
The product of your present greed
The product of your future validity
Now you die.
It’s my time, to repent, to repeat it in disguise.