Camouflaged – By Sidhant Bastia

Edited by – Akash Goel


Camouflaged into the color of life,
I felt the heat of plight.
Days in and days out went in scout,
But never ending roads only gave me doubts.

I took a glance towards the shimmering heavens,
And then a dig under the ravens.
With some hope to find the life’s dope,
Alas! It was all in vain as heat now felt like bane!

When I failed to delineate,
I turned squander.
No one to appease and accept my anger,
Days in and days out went in scout.

One day…

I saw a flare, far from me…
“Is it a mirage or a real sea?”
My life was now an ellipsis.
As the flare turned into a winsome glare,
It seemed angelic but my hopes were deep into moribund.
With perusal and prurient I saw…
Shiny black thick flames, two feral stones,
Glowing pink brims, with rims red as a rose.
Closer it got flames turned hair,
Stones into eyes.
Brims were cheeks,
And rims as lips.

Beautiful she stood, straight in front of my eyes…
Ingénue she was,
Amused I was.
Supernal she was,
Bemused I was.

I pleaded, “Move the magic wand & change my life, make me yours & get me a life”
And here I am.
Days in and days out I went in scout,
Camouflaged into the color of life.
I felt the taste of life.
Took a taste of her rims,
Took a taste of her brims.
Warmed up with her flames and lit up her eyes,
With full of hopes and hypes.

As it was all vain, I was back with life again.


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