Can there be a more powerful attacker than WannaCry ???

With everyone’s eye on this monster “Wannacry” after the recent havoc created across the world, there comes another big player in the race which till date is believed to have no recovery solution by most security experts.

Amidst developing fixes for the Wannacry ransomware, Benjamin Delpy a security researcher has created a tool which can unlock the locked computer. This new strain of malware named as “EternalRocks”as it targets the same vulnerability in Windows that helped the existing Wannacry Ransomware to spread. Using the NSA tool called ‘EternalBlue’ for proliferation, it have proved to become potentially difficult to fight while other tools like EternalChampion, EternalRomance, and DoublePulsar which is also part of WannaCry accelerates the destruction process.

EternalRocks’ present form not carrying any malicious components, it doesn’t lock or encrypt users file but it’s latent dangerous form finds way to expose remote commands, wide spreading the infection anytime. Having no Kill Switch’ or you can say weakness, it stands an unbeatable attacker of all times. These ransomware attacks have rendered small to giant companies helpless causing heavy lose in their businesses.


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