Candid conversation with Milind Khirsagar

We had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Milind Kshirsagar, Founder and Chairman – TiruBaa Technologies Pvt Limited in the ITS 2015 “Redefining Governance in the Interconnected World “ held on the 13th and 14th March 2015 at Le Meridien, Pune. We bring you the excerpts from this Candid conversation we had with him.

Milind Photo

  • Define “Milind Kshirsagar” in one sentence! J

Innovative, ever smiling, happy go lucky, hard working, dedicated…. global citizen

  • What gave you the inspiration to work in the field you are currently in?

Education is critical for any country’s growth, social need. India having 20 Crore students-18 crore school dropouts, India rank 100 in Global ranking in education. We need to demolish current education system, which is not providing EMPLOYABLE and Skillable workforce across all strata of the society and bring new innovative Self Organised Learning – BeSpoke education to the masses at highly affordable price. Out of 700,000 villages 600,000 villages don’t have electricity, no computerisation they are not connected Digitally and are not getting AT PAR equal education, Vocational Education etc. Hence we created global award winning patented Tirubaa Solar Eduprojector to work in villages where there is no electricity, no proper school infrastructure, teacher with poor quality of teaching, or absence of teacher, lack of global knowledge etc. Giving back to society is our motto and hence created unique award winning solutions at the highly affordable price for the people at the bottom of the pyramid globally.


  • Please share something about your journey as an entrepreneur and how TIRUBAA came

Started career at Rs.75 per month with clear goal set to become CEO and achieved this goal with consistent hard work, on the job learning and shear dedication to work for 12 to 14 hours a day without involving in any corporate politics… Was CEO Reliance communication… as first employee recruited thousands of people, created Rcom from scratch ….planned for entire circle broadband network and while creating telecom network visited more than 1600 villages, realised that there is huge need of different solutions for people living in and around villages to learn/earn their livelihood with latest technologies and that gave birth to Tirubaa – Mind to Market – Innovation for the people at the bottom of the pyramid at the highly affordable cost with alternate power solutions.


  • Could you please share some of your unique project experiences while working in villages especially the E-learning module that you won an award for?

We have created so simple to use, Dust Proof, long lasting technology that even peon, students can easily use it with click of mouse. Since it works completely on Android, no virus, no software licences, no Operating system issues, click to use. These high quality DLP LED solutions with Solar power and simple to use with highly affordable cost and implementation of the same in remote villages in 8 states of India and Africa, Canada, Australia, Sri Lanka, Nepal got us GESS award 2015 at Dubai out of 1100 entries from 74 countries…. CSI – Computer Society of India – Excellence in IT 2014 “WINNER” award beating Tata Consultancy Services and Manthan award out of 180 entries.


  • How was your experience at ITS-2015?

Great to see young people are not only glued to new technology but students are looking up for entrepreneurship

  • A message for the young aspiring entrepreneurs

Keep innovating and work hard to make your company a GLOBAL MNC

  • Three things that you feel today’s young professionals lack
  1. Long term plan 2. full dedication to their own work 3. Loyalty
  • Rapid Fire:

Your favourite place in Pune: Taljaai hill

Your favourite books: What they dont teach at Harvard, Boardroom, who moved my cheese, Nanovation.

A must visit website for tech geeks: TeD

The Entrepreneur you admire the most: The one who came up on his own efforts and built global empire like Mark Zuckerberg

Would you love to visit SCIT? Sure and also give mindset changing interactive sessions to young dynamic entrepreneurs … by the way I am Symbiosis alumni and also was on Board of Studies of Symbiosis Institute of Telecom Management during 1999-2002

How did you like the candid conversation? Great.