‘Candid conversation with Mr. Amit Chauhan’

  1. How would you describe Amit Chauhan as a person?

>> I would describe myself to be a straight forward person, with loads of positive attitude and constantly ready to take up challenges and make a mark in the IT Industry. Life is quite exciting to me as it has galore of opportunities and experience to offer and I feel one should always make the right use of it. I am adventurous by nature for I like to take up new challenges. It gives me the zeal and impetus to work towards excellence. One thing I firmly believe in is that one should always strive towards betterment being professional or Individual. Spirituality has been my strength, lately I have been reading “Journey Home” and got inspired by the Author “Radhanath Swami”. Spirituality gives a new dimension to life and brings inner peace.


  1. What gave you the inspiration to work in the field of cloud computing & virtualization? How have your journey been in EMC ?

>> Cloud computing is everywhere, it touches every sphere of life and has a broad reach. The kind of challenges it offers is the inspiration for me to work in this area. Also I believe I have the right mix of experience it requires on Programming, Automation, Devops, Unix, storage and management which puts me in a Unique position. It has been an Exciting new Journey in EMC, new phase of my career. So far I had experience working on Storage array and storage virtualization, with this new move getting exposed to the NAS Appliance that too which is #1 appliance in market and has thousands of customers, which puts me on a big learning curve to understand this complicated product which is a unique mix of Clustering and Storage and also it adds a lot of responsibility from the Day#1 in terms of dealing with the customer expectations.

  1. As you have mentioned that you were a part of HCL, HP during the initial days of your career, did those experiences helped you in broadening your knowledge base?

>> Definitely previous experience has been a big Plus. And as I mentioned above it’s the previous experience which puts me in the unique position to work on this new Product , “ISILON” which is #1 NAS appliance in the market. I learned Programming and automation during my HCL days. Move to HP was primarily triggered from desire to work on the Unix box and Server Hardware. Now with Hardware and Operating system experience for me it was quite exciting to get to work on latest clustering technology and Storage Virtualization in “VERITAS”. My transition to Management also happened at this company and then I got this unique opportunity to work on NAS appliance at EMC. You will be amazed to know that Pune smart city data is stored on this and in recent Olympics also they were relying on our appliance for data Storage.

  1. Any new and exciting learning in the field of Information Security which you would like to share? 

>> Information Security I would say is the latest Buzzword and key to the success for Cloud computing. Since we are moving things day-by-day to cloud, it becomes really Vital to protect that Information. Cybercrime is also on all time high and they are becoming more and more sophisticated. We are seeing increasing plans for regulation around the collection, storage and use of information along with severe penalties for loss of data and breach notification. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is a new trend even EMC allows the same. Employees bringing mobile devices, applications and cloud-based storage and access in the workplace continues to grow, businesses of all sizes are seeing information security risks being exploited at a greater rate than ever before.

5 BYOD security implications:

  1. Increases risk of data leakage
  2. Exploits vulnerabilities
  3. Mixing personal and business data
  4. Poorly cared for devices
  5. IT infrastructure

Source http://trilogytechnologies.com/5-byod-security-implications/

“While BYOD can be a great benefit to organizations, it can also introduce a number of risks so identifying them and introducing appropriate controls is an important step that must be taken to protect your business against any malicious attacks and security breaches. The main considerations that CEOs must think through are how their infrastructure will cope with the increased number of devices accessing the network, ensuring that their employee’s devices are adequately secured and aren’t breaching the company’s policies.”


  1. What is your take on students attending/participating in security conferences?

>> Students attending Security Conferences definitely helps as it brings awareness as well as different perspective to look at some of the current IT threats and Trends.

  1. How was your experience in SCIT and any special message you would like to pass on to the students of SCIT?

It was a wonderful experience talking to the students. I personally liked the inquisitiveness and the attention to the detail. Lot of students had additional questions which they asked after the session, pretty good questions. Shows their awareness , understanding and enthusiasm to learn more. They are the future of tomorrow and they will be the one who will shape the IP Industry going forward, so I want to wish them best for future endeavors.

Personal Message for the Students: There are no shortcuts to success, hard work and dedication is the key. It’s all about picking the right mentors, going on the right courses, and really working out what work or career you want to go down. There are so many different fields. You need to think carefully and choose wisely. You have got this wonderful opportunity in front of you to make a difference, Introspect and aim to become the best people you can possibly be, so that you can benefit the whole Society. You’ve got to look at life in a deeper way, If we don’t examine the deeper principles in life, we will develop the plaque of bad habits which we need to be aware of. Acquiring wealth shouldn’t be the only Goal in life. Wealth is not about money, but your inner being. It’s about your soul.

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