Candid Conversation with Mr. Shreekanth Joshi

shreekanth joshi

We had the pleasure of interviewing Mr. Shreeekanth Joshi, Vice President, Practice Head for Enterprise Digital, IOT and Cloud at Persistent Systems during ISACA Pune Chapter’s Annual Conference – ITS 2015. Following are the excerpts from that conversation.

  • Define “Shreekanth Joshi” in one sentence! J

I love what I do, I like to challenge conventional wisdom and when possible I think like a freak!

  • What gave you the inspiration to work in the field you are currently in?

I am very passionate about technology and the effect it has on business and life in general

  • Please share something about your journey with Persistent Systems and the challenges you face in your current position?

Every 3-4 years I have chosen to play new roles and run new business within my organization. Reinventing myself has been the key to be in touch with what is happening. Important to learn new things quickly and unlearn old habits, not that important to know everything upfront.

  • How was it working with Dr. Anand Deshpande?

It has given me the chance to keep learning and opportunity to always try new things. I have discovered the meaning of being persistent in the process.

  • How do you see the world of Digital Trends becoming disruptive technologies and not just impacting businesses but also driving businesses?

Digital will change business models faster than ever before. The businesses that realize this will drive themselves towards the future, the rest will be sucked into the black hole of irrelevance.

  • Could you express some of your views on Digital India? You mentioned that for start-ups to blossom the 4 important objectives to be considered are 1. Speed, 2. Business model change, 3. Customer experience and 4.Technology adoption, how do you see the “Digital India” project progressing on that front in terms of the above stated objectives?

Working backwards #4 technology adoption will be a big part of the infrastructure rollout that is happening. #3 making it citizen centric, Digital India will focus on layering the experience around our citizens. #2 for the government this is a business model change from vote bank politics to digital driven citizen engagement style politics. #1 speed is with which it will manifest, because the mandate to change is always short lived

  • How was your experience at ITS-2015?

It was interesting set of interactions. Glad to see the conference adapting their focus to newer areas quickly.

  • A message for the Techno-managerial youth of today?

In a world where managers may be replaced by APIs, management people must start with technology and drive towards business.

  • Three things that you feel today’s young professionals lack

Appreciation of the fundamental rights that they enjoy and the fact that they take everything for granted, and also sometimes respect for their previous generations that got them here

  • Rapid Fire:

Your favourite place in Pune: Sinhagad

Your favourite books: Agahtha Christie

A must visit website for tech geeks:

Your favourite musician: Many

Would you love to visit SCIT? Sure, I think I have spoken before at your management school

How did you like the candid conversation? Happy to share my views