Candid Conversation with Ms. Suhasini Ozarde

Edited By Shobhita Jain

Team Reflections have had the opportunity of interviewing Ms. Suhasini Ozarde who is the founder of “Your Health Matters” which is a platform to motivate others to live a healthy lifestyle and to make India fit.

Que: Describe Suhasini as a person

Ans: Suhasini as a person is very enthusiastic about new ideas where there is an opportunity to grow and help others to grow as responsible and healthy citizens of this nation.YHM has therefore played an important role in defining me as a person to achieve the above objective.

Que: What is the story behind “Your Health Matters”?

Ans: Personal life experiences have been an inspiration and motivation for me to think about a happy and healthy lifestyle. I believe in discovering a world of happiness for oneself by staying fit, feeling fit and looking fit. I believe in spreading this happiness to others by motivating them to live a healthy lifestyle. FIT INDIA MOVEMENT (To make India fit).

A friend of mine played the role of the catalyst, which motivated me in coming up with the idea of converting my passion for fitness into a career. With support from friends and family, I went on to take this as a full-time profession. It has been a wonderful experience, giving personalized sessions and group sessions.

Another interesting aspect of YHM is that they are encouraging walking as a challenge to increase participation to support this cause. We have noticed that daily fitness messages and these challenges have helped people to take up walking as a simple exercise to stay fit and healthy.

In this busy lifestyle amongst all the hustle-bustle, each one must think about oneself by walking at least 1000 steps daily. Gradually this will motivate them to continue with this healthy routine.

Que: How long have you been practicing Yoga?

Ans: Since Childhood.

Que: What has been your inspiration to take up yoga as a career?

Ans: I grew up watching my dad do yoga. Even I practiced it then but over the time I took a break. I truly appreciated it after I resumed it a few years ago. it worked wonders for my health and now I want to help others. Therefore, I decided to take this up as a full-time career.

Que: The commercialization of yoga has brought yoga a massive amount of new practitioners. Do you see this as a positive thing? What is the impact it would have on society?

Ans: Yes. It is positive. A professional career domain has been open since Honourable Narendra Modi Ji has sanctioned yoga day as an international yoga day.

Que: What does yoga offer that other types of exercise don’t?

Ans: Yoga offers a complete mind, body and soul relaxation.

Que: How far from the Indian Yoga tradition have the new yoga trends moved? What is your advice for today’s young generation?

Ans:  Our ancestors made sure that they practiced Yoga; it remained the same for generations to come. We are from the younger generation and today not only India but also the whole world are a big fan of yoga and practice it religiously. Everyone must have their fitness goals with their career and family goals. After all, YOUR HEALTH MATTERS.

Que: What are some of the challenges in motivating people towards a healthy lifestyle? Could you highlight some of how you try to overcome those challenges?

Ans: Who doesn’t want to look fit and healthy? Everyone. The only problem is that people don’t prioritize it. They only wish and don’t take out time for it. My guru says Samay Dena Shuru Karo Har Ek Samsya Hal Ho Jayegi (Start taking out some time for the problems, every issue shall get resolved).

To begin with, they can take a small step towards a healthy lifestyle.

They can start with small goals like 2000 steps every day for a couple of months. Here they can check their consistency for small goals and then they can increase the number of steps.

Que: How much time do you devote to walking and yoga exercises?

Ans: Daily 4 to 5 hours.

Que: How has your passion for your initiative changed your life?

Ans: It has kept me motivated since 28th October 2017 and has given me a better perspective on life’s challenges. I feel I am ready to take on any challenge that life throws at me. This keeps me agile in learning constantly.

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Your favorite hangout place in Pune: My Home

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Your favorite cuisine: Indian

If not for YHM then you would be a: Professor