Candid Conversation with Neelu Tripathy


Nullcon 2017 has been a great experience!

I was fortunate to have had this opportunity interacting with Neelu Tripathy at Winja CTF where we volunteered together and had a great time participating in the Social Engineering Village organized by Neelu. We bring you the excerpts of our candid conversation with her. She is a Security Evangelist, Researcher and Enthusiast currently working as a Security Consultant at NotSoSecure

  • Describe yourself in five words

Optimistic, patient, adaptive, practical, adventurous.

  • What are your views on Women involved in information security?

Women today have equal opportunities and right platforms to pursue career in information security. While traditionally there have been fewer women in security, I believe better awareness and honing the right skillset among women can enhance their presence in this field. It’s awesome to see passionate women in Security and there’s nothing they can’t achieve with the right attitude.

  • Who was and is your current inspiration in the field of Information Security?

I have been fortunate to work with some of the best in the industry. There are many who I respect and admire. One of those that stand out is @w3bd3vil.

  • Could you share your experience working with “Not So Secure”?

It’s been a great company to work with. Quality is one of the most important considerations and they never compromise with it.

  • What has been your inspiration organizing “Social Engineering Village” at Nullcon? How was your experience in Nullcon 2017?

Having worked in the domain, I realized that it was a very essential however a less known subject in the country’s information security scene. Hence, I took this up.

We conducted the Social Engineering Village at Nullcon in 2016 and 2017 . This year was far more exciting with a fabulous turn out (of 40 teams with 3 each) for SE CTF. The response was overwhelming till the end of the village.

neelu3Winners of SE Village at Nullcon 2017

  • What is your take on students attending/participating in security conferences?

Such participation broadens the outlook of students a lot. It should inspire them to understand information security and do research for innovation in this area.

  • When you are not researching in information security, what do you do?

Spend time with family, watch movies.

  • Rapid Fire:

Your favourite place in Mumbai: Marine Drive

Your favourite musician: Anoushka Shankar

Your favourite books: GodFather

An accomplishment you are proud of: OSCP

A must visit website for tech geeks:SecurityTube

Would you like to visit SCIT?: Yes