Candid Conversation with Nikhil Aarons

To play without passion is inexcusable !”― Ludwig van Beethoven.

We had an opportunity to interact with Nikhil Aarons the Musician, teacher and rhythm guitarist of Aftr’light band. It was a great time knowing about his passion for music and what drove him into taking this up as a full time career option. We present to you the excerpts of our candid conversation.



Describe yourself in 5 words

Patient, Hardworking, an Artist, a Football fan, an Introvert

What has been your inspiration to take up music as a career?

Being a part of the Youth in Church, leading the “Praise and Worship” sessions on Sundays during Church service was the beginning of my inspiration in music. There have been a number of artists like Don Moen, Paul Baloche and John Mayer to name a few, who have inspired me in this field. Above all, it has been God and my family members who have encouraged me throughout this journey.

What do you have to say about living your dreams out when you choose a profession which is also your passion? Could you share your journey so far?

It may seem like a difficult decision for some while an easy one for others but whichever way you look at it, there is no substitute to hard work. There were challenging times when it came to learning to play the guitar really well, and even when you think you have done it well, you realize there is so much to learn. Nevertheless, there is always a joy and a satisfaction when you learn all the more especially because it is your passion. The benefits for sure, lie in doing what you like, not being forced to learn unlike otherwise. Each new day comes with surprises and you don’t have a monotonous routine. The challenge as most may see it is that of not having a regular source of income like in a regular job. But with teaching and the gigs that I do, it always keeps you grounded and helps you realize the importance of earning each penny. The journey so far has been exciting and you’ve got to stay firm on what you want to do in life and pursue it seriously. Getting to learn from and meeting good musicians who also live out their dream and share yours is the best part of this journey.

How has your experience been so far, being a part of Aftr’light?

The idea of the band incepted with the jamming sessions and then moving further with gigs in places like Gyaan Adab, The Urban Foundry and Hard Rock Cafe being the recent one. It has been an exciting journey getting to interact with a lot of different musicians.  This kind of interaction definitely adds up to your confidence in living to be what you dream of.

The best gig experience you have had till now.

It is difficult to mention any one in particular. All have been different and it has been a good experience so far.

Rapid Fire:

Your favourite musician:  John Mayer

If it weren’t for music, you’d be? A Footballer (That is obvious from my introduction!  🙂 )

Your favourite football club: Manchester United

Your favourite book: Hudson Taylor- Deep in the Heart of China

A must visit #instagram link: #pickupjazz , #tomofujita, #aftr’light

Your favourite hangout place in Pune: Any place where you have your bunch of friends along

Would you like to visit SCIT? Yes


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