Candid Conversation with Sonal Mam

“Our team members, Ms. Rajshree Ayushee and Ms. Anurakta Mohanty had a candid conversation with our faculty Prof. Sonal Joglekar. Here is an account of that lively conversation.”


How would you like to be introduced to your students?

Before a mentor, I would be there for my students as a friend to whom they can talk to, speak about whatever they wish to and freely communicate. I believe in the mutual acceptance of this comfortable bond to explore being closer to my students and being able to relate to them better.

What inspired you to join this profession?

Long back when I was in 12th standard I learnt French language. During the same time 10th standard students were confused and worried regarding the burden of a new foreign language course for which I gave those students a small introduction regarding the same. It was then itself I knew that I love to communicate, share and interact.

Although not immediately after my education, and C.A., but a little later I joined this profession.  At first I was employed at KPMG as a consultant (again interacting! Client facing) for about 2.5 years and later as a faculty I joined SCIT.

Do you happen to have any plans for future academic research work?

I often pursue courses at which I could not learn formally. Apart from that, as now I am not so sure, but if I do, my future endeavors would be research papers in regulation in financial stock markets.

What are your hobbies?

I love singing, travelling to the unexplored, scenic beauty where nature is at it’s best. I am fond of greenery. I also love reading more of fiction with Reader’s digest my all time favorite.

How do you see the whole SCIT culture?

Honestly speaking, SCIT students are the most well behaved students in the Symbiosis campus. Faculties are facilitated with a highly liberal culture. We are free to pursue life at SCIT the way we want.”I am proud to be a part of SCIT culture”.

Advice to your dear students ?

“Live your life to the fullest of extent”. Significantly  students need to prioritize their life. No matter what you study but remain updated. Stick firmly to your decisions. Grab the opportunity and outperform yourself. I have high hopes from your batch. I wish you guys all the best for times to come ahead .