Candid talk with “Ankit Rana”

Edited By – Sristy Changkakoti

  1. Hello Ankit! Tell us about yourself

Hi..I am a fresh graduate of Computer Science engineering with ample of interest in plethora of fields.

I want to try out many things at the same time. Time is lesser; however, things to do are much more.

  1. What is been your idea behind pursuing MBA?

One must not stop dreaming, no matter what. Honestly speaking, doing routine jobs doesn’t excite me as a person. I was always keen to start my own business, and doing MBA, at this point of my life is very much crucial as it would help me in achieving my dreams.

  1. When did your interest in sports take root?

Well, it is not that hard to answer this question, simply because I was encouraged to play outside in mud and getting cuts (almost every day) since childhood. Watching television or sitting in front of the computer to play games was a sin at my home. So naturally, I used play a lot, and hence my love towards sports has been constant and has been growing over the years.

  1. Tell us about Independence Cup in SCIT and your experience.

To be honest, when I first joined college, I thought, no one could contribute in anything apart from studies. This is a void now. In fact I started understanding that one is nothing, if he is not doing anything other taking bookish knowledge. Sports not only keeps you fit, but change your perception, the way you look at life!

SCIT is a college, always eventful. Be it technical or sports or fun oriented, it is always packed with whole lot of activities, engaging the students. Independence Cup is one such! A lot of cheers, laughs and energies all over the campus. And for a person like me, who loves sports, it’s so refreshing. Victory or Failure, doesn’t matter, as long as I am fit and be able to play. I thoroughly enjoy every bit of it. Our batch is proud of us that we could make it to finals. It will remain one good, amazing, memorable experience for me. I would love to play next year as well.

  1. How important do you feel that Sports in our busy curriculum?

Well, it is not about how important it is, the question is why it is so important. The answer to that will be back-to-back classes, and hence, the requirement for a stress buster is essential. We have to release or reduce our stress levels by doing something that makes us alive! So playing sports is the best way to relax and reduce stress. I would recommend everyone to be actively involved in at least one of the sports events.