Candid talk with cyber security maniacs—

“Candid talk with cyber security maniacs—Enigma”  

—Here are the highlights of informative experience of the students of SICSR, Pune –Ujwal Singhana, Sristi Sonal & Harsh Mehta and student of COEP, Pune- Yugandha Sulakshane …

  • How was your experience of “Enigma”?
  • Enigma provided us with an enriching experience of the world of cyber security. We were apprehensive in the beginning, but that swayed away as we delved into the conference talks of the delegates.


  • Was the session useful for you all?
  • Yes it was indeed one of the most informative session of cyber security which gave us a very warm welcome to start with .This creative event introduced innovative concepts which described the current scenario & trends in security.


  • Did you participate in any of the competition of Enigma ? How was the experience for the same ?
  • We participated in operation blackout & crypt-o-clash. This was an amazing experience to compete with the students of SCIT and provided us with a platform to explore the security world.


  • Would you like to visit our college once again and participate ?
  • Obviously yes, as it was a great learning experience for us & we would definitely like to come again & again for such experience.


  • What was your take away from the session ?
  • We can now take a step ahead in ‘Cyber Security’ as it gave us a clearer picture so as to help us to think of a career in this area .


  • Any suggestions/feedback for the session ?
  • Try conducting more events so as to increase the involvement of students and making it interesting.

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