Chat with Mr. Piyush Gupta


We had the privilege of interviewing Mr.  Piyush Gupta, Sr. Development Manager, Storage Development , IBM India Systems Development Lab (ISDL) who was there for an interactive and informative session with us on Cloud storage and storage virtualization.  Here are excerpts from the interview:

Q.1 How would you describe Piyush Gupta as a person?

A leader who believe in initiating and driving a mission to solve problems and add value to the community.

Q.2 What gave you inspiration to work in the field of cloud computing?

I am a technology buff and Cloud computing is a latest the form of consuming information technology which provide flexibility and cost benefits to the customers. Innovation and today’s workload requirements inspire me to stay in the field of cloud computing.

Q.3 What inspires and motivates you as a part of IBM?

IBM is a great place to learn. IBM provide lot of opportunity and flexibility to innovate, design and execute which is a great inspiration and motivation.

Q.4 Anything else you want to share?

IT is changing rapidly the way it is being consumed by customers today. Now is the world of open standards and inter-operability of various components of IT ecosystem. IT demands are growing exponentially but IT budgets are not growing at the same pace so there is a need to constantly innovate optimal way to solve the problems. Future of IT is to build systems derive information out of huge amount of data to help make decisions. Future of IT is to make use of Cognitive computing to make decisions. So to summarize, IT is changing at the same pace as of consumer behavior and so there is a need of constant innovation. Take the challenge, keep yourself updated and add value to the IT ecosystem.

Q.5 How was your experience at SCIT?

I have been to SCIT few times in last 2 years. Did a Virtualization workshop last year, industry talk in new batch orientation early this year and now a GL on cloud computing. Experience has been excellent all the time. I love the energy and curiosity demonstrated by the students which will always push them to know more and get better. I suggest students to do more and more project work as a part of academics or out of interest. All the best.

Rapid fire:
Ø Your favourite hangout place in Pune

Any place to trek or run around Pune. Like Sinhgad trek.

Ø Any Book you strongly recommend for students looking for a career in cloud computing

No specific book. Read various cloud frameworks like Open stack etc. on the web.

Ø A must visit website for tech geeks

Subscribe to technical groups of your choice on linked in , read technology blogs on the register ( ) , Storage community ( )

Ø Had you not been in the field you are in, you would be?


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