Conversation with Mr. Abhishek Bele (2015-2017 batch)

Tell us something about yourself
I live my life by one code, that’s “being good is good, but it’s not good enough, you need to be more”.

I’m born and brought up in Hyderabad. Prior to pursuing MBA at SCIT, I’ve done my B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering from Keshav Memorial Institute of Technology, Hyderabad. My favourite Genre is “Fiction”, be it novels, movies or plays.

Your journey at SCIT
I classify my life in two phases. “Life before SCIT” & “Life after SCIT”. I cherish both the phases but the latter one has a higher degree of awareness. SCIT has helped me shape my career through its diverse yet collaborative pedagogy. I have had memorable moments right from samarambh to the farewell. The guidance by the faculty, the subjects in the curriculum, the interaction in the guest lectures, the sport events like Independence Cup; Football premiere league; Female cricket league etc., also, the various cultural events like samarambh & the dandiya night, the sumptuous festival food on every festive occasion, and not to forget, Graffiti; Graffiti was a perfect example of how team work could make a dream work.

Where are you currently working and what is your role?
I am working with KPMG as an Associate Consultant.

Give us a brief about your current domain
The Risk Consulting practice stands for one thing, that you cannot take it easy and you definitely cannot take anything for granted. The domain encompasses a 360 degree view to various risks that a business may encounter during its course of growth. Professionals in this domain work with executives from various businesses identifying potential and probable risks that could impact their business in the most unexpected way.

Skills-set needed for the above domain
On an academic note, the domain needs you to have knowledge not limiting to Information Security Management, Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration testing, Business Continuity Management, and Cyber Security. On a general note, the domain needs you to be “Vigilant” and keep abreast of what’s going on around you. Considering it holistically, being creative would always add a feather in your cap and help you grow, irrespective of what domain you pursue your career in.

When working in this domain, what are the roadblocks one might face and how would you tackle them for finding the apt solution?
In my opinion, “Lack of Awareness” and “Refraining from Adapting” can be the two roadblocks. The world is growing at an exponential rate and so are the risks. It is only your level of awareness and the way you acclimatize to change that will define your problem solving ability. And from what I know, you can only find an apt solution provided you have an apt question. Assessing what you need/what you seek is important too.

How was the experience at Reflections’?
Reflections was the best thing that happened to me at SCIT. It is a platform that will always remain as an inevitable source for me to pen down my thoughts and convey them to others. My journey with Reflections was even merrier because of my folks Aishani Amrita, Debashish Mishra, Aviral Mathur, and Harshit Srivastava, and would have been incomplete without Angelina Ma’am’s indispensable & invaluable guidance.

How was your journey being part of ISR and ITELF?
ISR and ITELF represent two very prominent sides of corporate citizenship in today’s world. One emphasizes the importance of social responsibility, the other describes how technology is the name of the game. As a part of ISR, I was a part of a campaign where I taught Mathematics and English to the underprivileged students. Also, I was a part of the team covering the ISR Summit and interviewing people from various NGOs.

Being a part of ITELF was amazing. It was because of ITELF that I got to know about a plethora of entrepreneurs and their creative way of making it big in the industry.

Can you share your experience of “Japanese Buddy Program”?
This was a one of a kind experience that I got at SCIT. A complete cross cultural exposure that opened doors across boundaries. The Origami workshop, and the cricket & football events with my folks from japan were the most memorable parts of this program.

Any message for the current batch:
There always comes a point in time in life when you may have to be self-centred. My message for you all would be to smartly decide the radius of it. Nonetheless, work hard, choose your electives wisely, and let every day be an updated version of you.