Conversation with Mr. Aviral Mathur (2015-2017)


  • Tell us something about yourself: I have done my schooling from St. Mark’s School, New Delhi and Computer Science from ITM University, Gurgaon. Prior to pursuing MBA from SCIT, I worked as a software engineer at Stratbeans Consulting Pvt. Ltd. I like reading novels, follow cricket. A straight forward person, I am an avid learner, looking for opportunity to learn new skills.
  • Your journey at SCIT: Time spent at SCIT was one to cherish .Being my first experience of hostel-life, environment at SCIT helped overcome the initial fears with a well structured journey across diverse domains. It was full of enjoyable moments from sports to outbound programs(MRA ,SuryaShibir), of course along with tons of assignments in various subjects, which provided perfect mix of academics and extracurricular activities. Events like Graffiti, iTELF, homely celebration of each festival brought together diverse people from across the country. It also offered me the platform to nurture research skills with my first research paper being published in a journal under excellent faculty support and guidance.
  • Which is your current company and your role?: I got placed at TCS as a computer consultant
  • Give us a brief about your current domain: Business analysis is a rapidly growing field .In today’s era of intense competition, balancing time, cost and risk is very essential to provide best solution to a client’s problems. Hence, companies tend to consult specialists in that domain to obtain best ROI.
  • Skills-set needed for the above domain: I was interested in this domain right from the start, opting for suitable subjects over the semester like Enterprise Architecture, IT strategy. Good oral and written communication skills, willingness to take up new challenges and learn new things is a must have. Critical thinking, visual modelling skills, detailed knowledge of stages of SDLC, different programming platforms are important useful skills. Good analytical skills would be a huge plus.
  • When working in this domain, what are the roadblocks one might face and how would you tackle them for finding the apt solution? : With fast evolving technology, client’s demand may continuously change. And competition in the IT industry is fast growing. Hence it would be essential to understand clients’ need, and help him find the best solution to his problem. Also, keeping abreast of the latest technology would be a great help.
  • How was the experience at Reflections’? : Reflections provided a great platform at SCIT to pursue my passion for reading, writing new articles. It allowed writing on any topic of my interest with different fields available. Invaluable guidance by Angelina mam at each step helped use critical thinking skills to enhance the value of the magazine.
  • How was your journey being part of ISR and Eklavya committees? : ISR allowed starting an important component of life, that to engage with the social environment we all live in, that usually starts from corporate level, right during academic life itself. The overnight rehearsals to prepare a natak as a part of Eklavya with intermittent fun with the team were quite enjoyable.
  • Any message for the current batch: Follow your own field of interest only and pursue it with full dedication. Choose wisely your electives from plethora of options at SCIT and enjoy the journey at SCIT .Wish you all the best friends!!!