“Customer delight by digital assurance – 2016”: Part 2!

The second half of the colloquy started with Mr. Sharat M. Airani’s speech on “Principled information security”. Mr. Sharat , chief security officer & director at Intellinet Data Systems Private Limited shared his views on security testing  relating to the fact that things which we may think of as invulnerable can easily fall prey for attackers to misuse them for their own benefi .No single solution can provide 100% security ,so there should be an integrated solution to solve any security issue. He showed a video  which illustrated how innovative technology is becoming the biggest dream come true for hackers in tracking personal information , eg. RadioFrequency Identification (RFID) is being used to read and capture information stored on a tag attached to any object  which could be a travel bag, suitcase etc. Following this was a presentation  on Automation Solutions of Micro ATM payment Testing by Kashmiri Sawant, who has been working in Capgemini as an “Associate Consultant” in software testing since last 3.3 years.She have attended & participated in ‘Software International Conference’ in the years 2014 & 2016.The white paper of the same topic “Automation of Micro ATM” has now been selected in publish category of ‘Software International Conference’ ,2016 Bangalore.She briefed the framework of Micro ATM  & different approaches of testing (Manual & automation).Then came Dr. Pramod Damle ,professor & head of research & consulting at SIU’S SITM spoke on “Spadework for Superannuating”<SOS> bringing in the relationship angle : dependence->independence->inter-dependence->dependence. He even talked about the perception changes ,health, spirituality which is changing the face of digital world today. Mr. Umesh C Kulkarni & Mrs. Aditi V Kulkarni took over the stage for a very informative session on digital testing wherein they demonstrated key influential dimensions of digital testing like usability, mood  sentiments, discoverable, performance,security, device accessibility & even the emerging techniques for better testing like : mind map, role play.Adding to this Priyamvada Kulkarni, manager with process & quality consulting practice within CTS, emphasized the challenges of a  mobile test maturity model: cost, security, governance & the framework layer : initial, repeatable,define,manageable,optimize. Following this was taken over by Mr. Avinash Magdum, GM-QA, Harbinger Systems. He spoke on digital ecosystem which comprised of creativity, connectivity, collaboration & changes in the digital vision which emphasis now more on evolution, maturity, predictive, engineering, proactive, governance, insight. He spoke about various omi-channels , customer experience, speed of business which channelize digital testing & digital assurance techniques.

Then came the interesting part of the event which kept the students engrossed towards the envent   -“IT QUIZ” that comprised of various questions on IT & SDLC, agile. Students thoroughly enjoyed & participated in it. Team Eklavya ,”Drama Club” of #SCIT performed a skit on the importance of cyber security which well portrayed that collaborative action toward cyber attack is the call of the  hour & should be implemented.After this, an ebullient panel discussion started where the topic was “Digital Testing” involving moderator Mr. Surjeet Das ,who has an extensive experience in building high-performance agile engagement groups & global centers of excellence for IT competencies in renowned organizations from all geographies & following were the panelist : Mr. Sushil Tuteja, Ms. Anuja Saraf, Ms. Vijaylakshmi, Mr. Joseph, Mr. Amol Deshpande, Ms. Dheepa. The panel started their discussion with the present problems of releasing products without being tested .Mr.Sushil Tuteja quoted : “There are many countries that want websites to be tested for blind friendliness “. Mr. Joseph threw some light on “Crowd Testing”.Mr. Surjit lead the panel to a different direction by questioning on consumer’s mind set change when it comes to digital testing & traditional testing & responding to this Mr. Amol cited that the “span of attention consumer seeks is maximum 3 seconds” thereby stating change in emphasis and in mind set.Ms. Vijayalakshmi added by stating mobile is the core of digital testing since usage of gadgets has increased through mobility when was cross-questioned by audience.

As the panel discussion came to an end Dr. Shankar Ramamoorthy delivered vote of thanks by saying “Voice is free, Data is free and so the knowledge should also be free”