Damaged-By Anant Dutt

Edited by- Adya Mishra

We both have our own back stories

We both have our own prejudice

We both feel like damaged goods

We both have our own baggage


We both have our life’s lessons

We both have felt hurt and pain

We both have some likeness

We both have our loss and gain


But life has taught us different things

Where you went numb, I cared too much

You play along with barren words

I hold mine back with a comic touch


We’ve got so used to looming clouds

That we’re blinded towards clear blue skies

We often ignore what’s best for us

Even when it’s stairs into our tired eyes


I’m not saying I do it all right

Or that you any way are in the wrong

We both just have our different sins

We both still want to play along


You have your own reasons to stay

And I have mine to hold on tight

Both dwelling in this make believe

Unfazed by what’s wrong or right


Our journey starts and it goes on

Not knowing if or when there’ll be an end

With fibs and tales and exaggerations

Thus we continue to pretend…