Data Privacy Week: Privacy by Design – Anzar Malik and Srishti Sinha

Reflectionist Anzar Malik and Srishti Sinha (ITBM 2022-24)

SCIT’s Team Matrix is known for its active participation in hosting frequent seminars, workshops, knowledge-sharing sessions, lecture series, and online/offline events that are aimed at strengthening the aptitude of the students in the field of cyber security and information security. Data privacy week is a week of deliberate efforts towards increasing privacy awareness and is observed globally between the 22nd of January till the 28th of January annually. Team Matrix capitalised on this opportunity by organising a lecture on the theme of “Privacy By Design” and consequently allowed the students to learn from the veterans of the industry that graced this occasion with their knowledge and presence.

Lamp Lighting Ceremony

Mr. Navin Raju Roselin

An accomplished professional with 17+ years of experience in enabling technologies and securing enterprise systems that facilitate business processes and strategic objectives.

He is currently a senior director of technology operations and security with Loylogic. He manages technology operation functions, including hosting infrastructure, information security management system, and security compliance certifications, and acts as the CISO.

He kickstarted the event by sharing his views on the privacy of data and emphasized on the importance of PbD i.e. Privacy by Design. He also spoke about how privacy is all about transparency and trust. He threw light on the privacy spectrum. He also explained the difference between data privacy and data security. In contrast, the commonality between these two is that they’re both critical factors of privacy. He also elaborated on the privacy laws and regulations specifically talking about GDPR and CCPA. He then proceeded to talk about the 7 principles of PbD that help in minimizing the processing of personal data. He spoke about data consent with examples of Amazon and Netflix. He spoke about cookie compliance and the purpose of cookie collection by all websites. He concluded his session with a discussion on privacy trends where he spoke about the essence of consumer data privacy, post-modern privacy, and data localization.

Mr. Navin Raju Roselin

Mr. Santosh Kamane

A cybersecurity leader who is the CEO and co-founder of CyberFit solutions. His current organization is known for WipeOut (its patented product).

His domain of work is building information security and risk management programs, performing IS audits, and focusing on data privacy.

After taking the podium, our second speaker started addressing the fact that every human being has two lives i.e. physical and virtual lives. He also spoke about how our homes are changing and the fact that we are becoming increasingly dependent on virtual assistants like Alexa and Google Home. He also spoke about how we leave digital footprints that comprise of identifiable data like geolocation, IP addresses, social media IDs, and website logs. He then went on to discuss PbD where he said that it is a concept that incorporates privacy considerations into the design and development of technological products and services. He also introduced the Shift Left technique in SDLC and the standard flow to all the students. He mentioned that Shift Left and PbD are interlinked and have certain commonalities. He also spoke about the data life cycle phases and gave insights about each of them. He also gave tips to students to maintain digital footprints.

Mr. Santosh Kamane

Mr. Sanjay Gore

A certified trainer- TRECCERT, Bureau Veritas, Alvin integrated, and PECB who is skilled in info-sec management, risk management, design and development of security architecture, design and development of BCP/DR framework, risk-based audits, program planning, info-sex risk management training, PIMS assessments.

He also holds various certifications like CDPSE, LA-27001 certified lead auditor from PECB, CPISI, CRMA, CISA, CRISC, FIII, and ISSCRW.

Our final speaker for the day spoke about PbD wherein he spoke about dopamine being a hurdle in privacy. He discussed the terms in the context of privacy. He also spoke about consent and its importance. He said that it is an ambiguous indication of a data subject’s wishes that signifies an agreement by a person to the processing of personal data relating to the person. He gave an example of “You are under surveillance” at a mall where customers are made aware that they are being recorded. He also brought up the 7 principles of PbD and lightly brushed on each of them. He discussed all the steps for the implementation of PbD. He emphasized on the importance of PIA i.e. Privacy Impact Assessment which is to evaluate the potential impact that a project, product, or process may have on the privacy of individuals and that it involves 7 steps. He threw light on the data protection laws worldwide and in India. He also spoke about the ISO standards and the technical and technological controls.

The discussions were followed by a Q&A session between our speakers and the students.

Mr. Sanjay Gore

While the day was heading towards an insightful session with the speakers that were yet to come to the campus, what was happening inside the campus were two information security-themed events that were open to participation for all the students. The events were as follows:-


This was an extempore where the participants were given topics related to cyber security and had to prepare within a time span of 5 minutes to present a 3-minute speech on the spot.


            This was a human-sized snake and ladder game where the participants had to answer a cybersecurity-related question if they wanted to climb up the ladders or to avoid being demoted by a snake.

Cyber Quixx

Post the games and the lecture session, the winners and the runner-ups of the Crossword Labyrinth Challenge which was an event conducted by Team Matrix in the past and the offline events conducted on the present day, namely Cyber Quixx and The Eloquent Wizard, were announced. Certificates were handed over to the participants with loud cheers from the audience and this felicitation ceremony was followed by the vote of thanks.

The winners were:-

Events held on the same day:-

  • The Eloquent Wizard – Mr. Anzar Malik (First Place)

                                             Ms. Jameela Shaik (Runner Up)

  • Cyber Quixx

Team Fantastic Four (First Place)

Ms. Srishti Tiwari

Mr. Rakshit Pensalwar

Mr. Prince Kumar

Mr. Anzar Malik

Team Invincible (Runner up)

Ms. Parul Pachori

Ms. Nency Chauhan

Past event winners:-

  • Crossword Labyrinth Challenge – Mr. Mayank Kwatra (1st Place)

                                                              Mr. Anant Kumar (2nd Place)

                                                              Mr. Shivendra Pratap Rai (3rd Place)

Our esteemed professor Dr.Nisha TN closed the ceremony by giving a vote of thanks to all the eminent speakers, attendees, and team matrix for their relentless efforts in order to make this session a success.