EITES’15 day 2 presents SDN & NFV – Key Trends in Network Transformation

——————– written by Sourabh Chakraborty & Edited by Sreeparna Sengupta




Mr. Raj Sahakari, Principal Consultant,Tech Mahindra

Occasion-EITES’15 (SCIT,Pune)

Date: – 21st Feb’15

Mr. Sahakari graced the second day of EITES’15 and basically talked about two latest technologies which are transforming the telecom networks in modern days.

He started with the latest technologies that are responsible for network virtualization and transformation currently happening in telecom industry such as Idea Cellular, Vodafone & Airtel etc. He gave examples of Network Elements which can be virtualized such as Routers, Network Traffic, NGN Signaling and Traffic Monitoring.

He introduced the concept of NFV (Network Function Virtualization) which is a latest technology standard that aims to virtualize network functions that were previously performed by network hardware. He also threw light on the benefits of NFV i.e. it helps in reducing equipment cost as well as power consumption. It thereby improves service launch and helps in achieving near real time optimization.

Talking about the key enablers of NFV he introduced Hypervisors which is actually a piece of computer software or hardware which creates and runs virtual machines. He also spoke about Industry Standard X86 Based Hardware’s.

After talking about the benefits he showed the other side of the coin for NFV’s i.e. the challenges such as Portability, Performance Trade-Off, Management & Orchestration and Automation.

The Second Concept he introduced was SDN (Software Defined Networking). SDN is a latest approach in networking which decouples network functions from hardware into software.


Architecture of SDN

Some of the benefits he mentioned about SDN were Decoupling, Agile, Central Management, Programmatic Configuration, Open standards base & Vendor Neutral.

He concluded his session by putting forward that Tech Mahindra & other leading IT companies are definitely looking for the emerging technologies impacting Network & IT such as Cloud Mature Virtualization Technology, NFVand SDN in the present and in near future.