Emoji Based Passwords!

Written By: Ankur Kumar               Edited By: Angelina L. Gokhale

Source: Internet, http://www.intelligentenvironments.com/



Smiling sun, flames, guitar, penguin… that is just one combination of
emojis that a person might use to log into their bank account instead
of using a PIN number if the UK based firm “Intelligent Environments”
becomes successful in it’s plans. Intelligent Environments announced
the launch of “the world’s first emoji-only passcode,” because emojis
are “mathematically more secure” than four-character PIN numbers as
well as easier to remember. The company claims, emojis as a PIN “will
prevent hackers from identifying common and easily obtainable
numerical passcodes, like a date of birth or a wedding anniversary.”

A regular keypad offers 10 unique choices for a PIN number, 0 through
9, while Emoji Passcode offers a selection of 44 emojis meaning “480
times more” choices. With traditional PINs, there are 7,290 unique
four-number combinations so long as none of the numbers are repeated.
With 44 emojis, there are 3,498,308 million unique combinations of
non-repeating emojis. While Intelligent Environments toss out those
numbers, there is no mention if security is in play to prevent
repeating emojis in a passcode.

What’s clear is that the younger generation is communicating in new
ways & research shows 64% of millennia regularly communicate only
using emojis. So this UK based tech-firm has decided to reinvent the
passcode for a new generation by developing the world’s first emoji
security technology.

With this kind of everyday advancements happening in the technologies
around us, maybe someday someone will come up with PINs that are
composed of selecting four scents or sound bytes? Of course anyone
nearby would then know your PIN. Like it or not, it’s highly probable
that all kinds of regular passwords will eventually be replaced by
some form of biometrics like facial, iris, or fingerprint recognition.




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