Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them – A Victorious Spell

J.K. Rowling catapults the audience into a wizarding world through the Hogwarts-tinted lens and creates an alluring fantasy. The motion picture is a lavish visual feast that will and will not, in a few moments cast a victorious spell over the audience.

The pre-eminent part of the movie is its star cast. Eddie Redmayne as Newt Scamander, the young wizard, introduces us to the 1920s of New York, which is portrayed with apt precision. His great gift to the character is his way of delivering himself. he finds himself in trouble when his suitcase full of the magical creatures escape, which he will later catalogue in one of Harry Potter’s textbooks—but first he has to find out and capture the ones that have escaped, straining relations between the magical and non-magical communities. Colin Farrell as Percival Graves does justice to his part but will surely leave your jaw dropped by the end of the movie.

The story gets a little convoluted in the middle & it would have been better if the characters would not mumble the names of the creatures and instead say it out loud and clear. This instalment of wizardry takes its time to establish the plot by leading the audience into the depth of the story, but this works well in its favour. Conspicuously, the unparalleled advantage that the Potter movies had was that they could allow an entire generation to grow up with Harry and his friends.

Well, it’s first of the five movies in the franchise and the makers of the film have a voluminous imagination that keep things humming along, although, as was also true of many Potter movies, there is often too much of a good thing. The one thing that this movie nails is finding the right magic to entertain in its own right, and to keep interest in the next instalment.