Farewell Speech…- by Shaji Joseph

Two years ago on 5rd June 2015 we all assembled in this same venue to welcome you all to SCIT and today we are here again to say bye to you. As some students said that it was a like a roller coaster ride and did not realize how and when two years have gone by.

I would like to compare this last two years to a novel.  The plot was laid during the induction period.  We built the momentum through the first semester. You learned more about each other, created the in-groups and out-groups.  You learned the likes and dislikes of some people more closely than others. You started liking some more than others. You learned the tricks of bunking lectures (whole lectures rather) , writing assignments, giving presentations.  By the end of second semester the plot thickened and you had your hands and pockets full. Probably your head had stopped functioning with so many assignments, presentations and submissions and that too after successfully organizing so many events.

You have now the full attention of the reader. Oh My God how did you managed so many things and still come to class for the 8 am lecture?

The internship was a welcome break. So you thought; until you reached the destination company. Some had a smooth sailing while majority had sleepless nights when the bosses squeezed the life blood out of you. Some enjoyed the rigor while others cribbed about it and yet some others enjoyed the freedom and fun.

Then the third semester started. It was time to write the climax of the story. It all started with that all important batch meat to announce the beginning of the placement season. Those tension filled, sleepless nights one has to experience and cannot be expressed in words. As you approached the interview panel the heart started beating louder than the Puneri Dhol Tasha. First company came and got rejected, the second company came and rejected and the cases of rejection started piling up. Parents, teachers, and friends started giving you advices. One day you cracked the interview. WoW …..And you do not know what to do next. A big vacuum. And the final semester started.

You realized that you have to fill in a few more pages but what to write? You invent new plots in the beaches of Goa, on the Plateau of Panchgani and the rainforests of Mahabaleshwar, or on the temples of Maharashtra.  Some decided to make Chetan Bhagat their role model and recreated Two States, and Half Girlfriend and One Indian Girl etc.., while others are still struggling to come to terms as to whom to follow; NAMO or Kejariwal.  Not to forget those long holidays that you took to attend the marriages of the cousins and siblings. But all the while some unfortunate ones were struggling to find the right job. Nobody but the director could hear their heartbeats. And today we write the last words of this two year long story.

As I reminiscence the past two years I realize I will miss this batch dearly. Probably you are the best batch that I interacted with. It was a delight to see you people mostly in the class compared to other batches. I will never forget the discussions and fights we used to have especially with Div. B and D with whom probably I interacted one semester more than the others.

Kudos to all those who have brought laurels to the institute.  You have been in the forefront winning prizes beating the best in the country. Kudos to all the prize winners today. The thunderous applause you received is in itself proof of your contribution to the institute, to your friends, to the society and to yourself.

A special congrats is in order especially for doing your internship and dissertation reports with 10% or below similarity report on plagiarism check. Even the great intellectuals struggle to bring it down to 15% and you easily managed to keep it below 10%. You deserve a standing ovation for such great achievements.

Thanks for those wonderful feasts that you organized on various cultural festivals of India. I enjoyed the Hyderabadi Dum Biriyani most. Even though I was upset occasionally when you converted some of these cultural events into religious rituals,… the mouth watering food that you served absolves you from all the sins…

You guys excelled in making the ISR one of the best in the entire Symbiosis. The unwavering support that you all extended to Prof. Saravan has been exceptional.

At this juncture I can see almost everyone is having a cheerful face. Those who are yet to be placed I am sure it is just a matter of time before you will be placed.

A last lesson: When you are really stressed out remember Leera and Dinar.  Have a pet.

A request: Please pay all the dues with the Tapriwalla auntys and bhayas. Lest you will be carrying their curse for the rest of your life.

A warning: Do not put chewing gums on the table when your bosses are on the rounds. You will lose your job…. And as I conclude I would like to leave you with a short speech from Indira Nooi who talk of five Cs that every leader must possess. They are:  Competence, Courage and Confidence, Communication, Consistent, and Compass-(Integrity)