Poem – Surabhi Verma

Reflectionist Surabhi Verma (ITBM 2020-2022)

Stop hiding yourself from the people who barely know you,
Let them think whatever they want about you.

Let them believe they were right when they told, “She can’t accomplish anything.”

Let them have their little laugh,
Because that’s what petty minds do.
The thing they don’t know about you is,
What a devastating childhood you had.

When they were busy aiming to clear the levels of a video game,

You were struggling to survive in a dysfunctional family by smiling away all your pain.

The monsters that were once under your bed,
Are now inside your head.
Still haunting you every single day.
And if those people were in your shoes,
They wouldn’t stand a day.
Some scars penetrate straight into your soul,

And hurt a lot more.
Maybe that’s why you are left behind.

Maybe that’s why you don’t have what your so-called friends have at twenty-five.

But that’s alright.

Because not all of us have the privilege to thrive,
Some of us were ill-fated to survive.