A grievance untold, a complaint unknown steers one’s path away from what was once the closest of friendships, could have been a treasured alliance or perhaps was never meant to be. Forgiving was never an option but a transition towards closure and acceptance, as fortunately or unfortunately forgiveness does not wear the mask of a time machine and get things back to the way they were. Rather forgiveness brings about a fresh chapter with freedom to pen down new words and phrases for the ones ruined, for the bonds that were to grow stronger or the ones which never did have a future. The fresh chapter though does not come as easy as flipping over a page, it takes getting over and giving up chapters and characters which have caused you immense pain, pushed you towards failure, drowned you and yet made you stronger at the end of the tunnel leaving behind vestiges which shall only surface as a smile or a smirk on the face when we stop to think while writing the fresh chapters with hopes of a true friend, a wise stranger, a fair world and a stronger self.

Realisation, a rescue from the mistakes we make and the follies we commit ushers a weak cry for forgiveness. Realisation translated into a heartfelt apology speaks of courage and a sincere attempt to salvage a loss. A true apology helps setting ourselves free from what holds us captive to remorse and guilt, allowing a chance at ties which were long given up on.

Thus, the act of forgiving howsoever hard may be enriches us with a divine experience otherwise unknown. Forgiveness has the ability to fade out the demons of the world in terms of revenge and crime. Forgiveness makes the world a better place to live in and a happier life to lead!!


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