From A to Z – Aklant Das

Reflectionist – Aklant Das (DSDA 2020-2022)

Another scintillating performance by the crew, bunch of amateurs, bold enough to revamp old and legendary plays with contemporary touch.

Bewitching’ is the name they go by, performing in New York,the cultural capital of the world.

Consist of artists from different ethnicities,recruited by the play writer and director Dr. Max Cruise.

Dorothy, the lead actress along with Anthony,the manager only know the true identity of Dr. though,with whom they established the play group.

Enthralled by Marilyn Monroe, Dorothy was a girl from a small town with big dreams but failed to make it, like the most of them.

Fitted with some exceptional acting skills,she caught our Dr.’s eye in a diner.

Gracefully bewildered the crew of the diner for free meal,pretending as a daughter of an official and to Dr.’s seeing,again as a pregnant whose husband just cheated on her,in another diner obviously.

Having been impressed as an artist himself and by the beauty, our Dr. asked her out when she just stepped outside the diner.

Incidentally met but still together,just like they show the love stories in the films.

Jocular in nature, mainly a way to hide his inner conflicts, Anthony is the couple’s first authentic friend in a city filled with pretenders.

Kind enough to let the couple rent a room in his house with half the price value, moved by their story, told by Dorothy(yes! Or who else!) and his love for cinema.

Luck smiled on Anthony and he became the owner of a play house and some other properties left behind by his uncle who had no child.

Managing the play house with the people he trusted acted as an impetus for their journey in the play world, and decided the name chose by Dr. which was dedicated to Dorothy.

Now the most awaited one, our Dr., a descendant from Bavaria, vastly talented but failed to make a breakthrough for the Nazi prejudice.

Opted to change name and look which actually landed him some apprentice jobs, before meeting Dorothy.

Pandemic effect of hatefulness towards Germans, because of the Holocaust has also affected our doctor, which makes him gloomy and sarcastic whenever anyone of the other two asks him about his life in Germany, clearly the one who has given up his nationalism.

Quaint plays, with a twist to attract the young generations has been the epicenter of what they trying to achieve.

Recruitment was done on the basis of people suffering from what the Dr. suffered in the industry, different nationalities, some of them from the countries affected by Germans, no wonder our Dr. is so secretive about his identity.

Success and wealth actually lands you some enmity, borne out of jealousy and our ‘bewitching’ is no different.

Trump’s ‘Make America great again’, has given a stimulus to those people to defame the group, many crew members have been attacked by the conservatives but that did not stop them doing what they love nor those true lovers to cherish their work.

Ulterior identity, when all of them are suffering for being who they are, gave Dr. the courage to reveal his true self as well as his heart wrenching past.

Veered from usual play, the crew now decides to show the world their life stories as a play and the first one is dedicated to their German fellow.

Widespread due to a German name of the upcoming play, all the tickets get booked within couple of hours which has also attracted a breed of intellectuals related to the industry.

Xeric mood of the crew has been quashed by the emphatic response from the crowd.

Yes, some people did walk out but not the ones that matters, the immigrants, the lovers of plays, the behemoths of industry ,the media, the wold’s audience appreciated.

Zappy mood has taken over our Dr., who has revived his nationalism somewhat, better than living behind a veil, stays busy to prepare for the plays which depicts the stories from different countries, now can be seen once in every two months in our beloved Anthony’s play house.