Getting increasingly Intolerant of the word ‘Intolerance’

The word ‘intolerance’ has assumed significant amount of limelight over the course of past few months. It has even clouded the minds of some of our superstars. More recent victim of ‘intolerance’ is Mr. Amir Khan. Out of the blue our Raja Hindustani has started to feel insecure and he is (shooting from his wife’s shoulder) toying with the idea of relocating to a more tolerant nation. Maybe a trip to Somalia and a short stay at Syria would do wonders for him. Why do you want the don the role of a ‘Ghajini’ with respect to this issue. Our country has gone through many ghastly instances. Why make mountain of a mole hill(2-3 stray incidents). Mr. PK Just think twice before making some loose and careless statements because unfortunately many people look up to you thanks to the demi-God status given to our celebrities. If you have the guts then come out and openly say ‘ I have a problem that Mr. Modi is our PM’ instead of hiding around the bush(intolerance) and taking cheap potshots at our current government. You should seriously consider acting in a movie ‘Award Wapasi’- Writers- Sahitya Akademi award Director-Dibakar Banerjee


Coming to intellectuals Where were these intellectuals (Congratulations for enlightening upon Sahitya Akademi Awards!!) when our scam’star’ Lalu Prasad Yadav garnered the majority of votes during the recently concluded Bihar elections. Where were these intelligentsia when India’s most secular party congress was tangled in a bundle of scams. Double-Standards at its best!!

Chetan Bhagat was right on the money when he said that some of our intellectuals cannot stomach the fact that Modi and Amit Shah, who are from vernacular mediums are governing our country. Who needs a fancy degree and an exotic English if you have the street-smartness of Modi.

Our Prime Minister is really working his socks off to build the image of our country and these buggers are hell bound on tarnishing it.

God should think of creating a tolerant planet for some of these ‘glorified’ Indians. A only solution to a media-created hype

A small ending note for our intelligent intellectuals:

Hello “pesudo-seculars”!! Do you have any constructive solutions to umpteen number of problems surrounding our country. If yes, then kindly in your ‘exotic’ English write about those and speak about those rather than creating roadblocks and mocking Modi and his government every now and then just for the sake of it!!Returning awards will help you come in the limelight which I know was the main motive behind this melodrama for some of you but if you are so concerned about our country then kindly act in a constructive manner and please don’t be ‘selective’!!Thank you.

Unfortunately I don’t have an award to contribute to this gimmick called ‘Award Wapsi’!! Better luck next time to me