Goldman Sachs — Rugved Mehta, Khushboo Srivastava, Aditee Thite and Deepak Agarwal

From Left: Khushboo Srivastava, Aditee Thite, Rugved Mehta and Deepak Agarwal

Goldman Sachs describes its internship program as a unique opportunity to learn about the financial industry by working side-by-side with experts where interns not only learn by observation but also by working on live projects. Our experience at Goldman Sachs was no different. Three months at Goldman Sachs were filled with curiosity, encouragement, knowledge and lots of fun. It made us realize that journey is more important than destination!

Our internship at Goldman Sachs was very well planned and organized.The work experience was not just end result oriented but also focused on the learnings and overall personality development. It taught us to be detail oriented, dedicated and encouraged us to give our best. We got to work alongside the best minds in the industry and have strategic dialogue with the leadership at the firm. The open culture at Goldman Sachs allowed us to interact with many people having different backgrounds, discuss various issues, not just on professional front but also on personal level which helped us to mould our character.

We got an opportunity to work on live projects and to collaborate with global teams working on the same. This exposed us to the Diversity at Goldman Sachs and also to the various Networks in the firm. The Industry trainings, learning sessions, volunteering for Community Team Works and the informal gatherings made our Internship a holistic experience where we learned and enjoyed at the same time.


–Rugved Mehta, Khushboo Srivastava, Aditee Thite and Deepak Agarwal