Graffiti 2023 – Vaishnavi Musunuri and Shivam Trivedi

Reflectionists Vaishnavi Musunuri and Shivam Trivedi (ITBM 2022-24)

After two years of long wait, Graffiti, the flagship techno-managerial fest of Symbiosis Centre of Information Technology(SCIT) is back. Graffiti 2023 was conducted on 14th and 15th of January with great pomp and shows, this time we were ready to begin anew with the theme Ab Initio (starting from beginning). We have levelled up our scale and made the fest a grand success.

It has been a tradition in SCIT to have a pre-celebrations before the day of Graffiti, on zero day, all decorations were put up, final preparations for events/ competitions were completed and finishing touches given, the day ended with several enthusiastic dance performances and a cake cutting ceremony by all the Main coordinators, SPOCs and Volunteers.

The day of the mega event had finally arrived, and excitement filled the air as the Opening ceremony began. Dr. Dhanya Pramod, Director of Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology, set the tone for the event by lighting the lamp along with Saraswati Vandana.The ceremony continued with the launch of the Graffiti theme video, followed by a warm welcome from the Faculty Coordinator of Graffiti, Dr. Krishna Kumar Singh. The ceremony ended with a speech from Director Dr. Dhanya Pramod, who set the stage for the rest of the day’s exciting events.

A street play named Nautanki Shaala organised by Team Eklavya

One of the highlights of the day was the Nautanki-Shala, a theatre event where drama clubs from different B-schools participated with enthusiasm. The performances left the audience in awe, with their amazing acting skills and captivating storylines. Along side Nautanki-Shala various other events were held simultaneously like the Corporate Roadies event which put participants’ business acumen, skills, and knowledge to the test, as they were presented with challenging situations and had to show their ability to handle pressure and persuade others. G-MUN, the SCIT Model United Nations, was an academic simulation that provided a platform for students from all across India to play the role of delegates from different countries and solve complex, real-world issues.

Participants at G-MUN, SCIT’s Model United Nations

Ek-Adhikar, based on the popular board game Monopoly, had participants collecting virtual money by solving escape room-like obstacles and completing challenges. The Fetch the Fortune event allowed students to test their investment skills by trading in commodity stocks and Forex. The Bid-Guru event was similar to an IPL Auction, where teams constructed the best team through auction and the top two teams were awarded based on selection criteria.

The Lock Stock and Conquer event was a treasure hunt competition that included different puzzles that participants needed to solve, and the Spawn Up event was a video game competition where participants competed in Valorant, FIFA and CS Go. The League of Aces event had participants presenting ideas for a given topic and submitting an abstract of their business plan.

As the day came to an end, the Comedy Nights event had the audience in stitches as famous standup artist Aaditya Kulshreshth, also known as Kullu, made everyone laugh with his hilarious jokes. The Battle of Bands, the most awaited event of the day, was the perfect way to end the day as bands from different colleges mesmerised the audience with their beautiful music performances, and famous band Antaheen was the judge for the event.

As the night came to an end, everyone was looking forward to the next day’s events, as there was still so much more in store.

The second day opened with more exciting events like webstorm in which participants were asked to create an app based on certain themes given to them, they were judged on their creativity, problem solving thinking, and user-friendly prototyping. The GMUN event continued on the second day, as it’s not easy to pass resolutions for the betterment of the people. Bringing levity to the fest, Graffiti’23 also had an event Cineflex where participants can show off their pop culture knowledge. SCIT boasts of having one of the rigorous courses for Information Security, to reflect it, Error 404 event was conducted where young aspiring ethical hackers and Cyber security enthusiasts took part to enhance their skills of steganography, web cryptography, forensics etc. Both the days saw a swarm of people around the food stalls which were offering a variety of cuisines.

Following the conclusion of the day’s events, all of the winners were gathered to compete in ADVITIYA, the flagship competition of Graffiti. This event tests your mental and physical capabilities, it gives you a platform where a group of participants can prove their mettle by solving complex problems. A truly stimulating event whose winners were awarded a whopping sixty thousand rupees.

The day was winding down and a closing ceremony was held where all the winners were felicitated with prizes by faculty coordinators of Graffiti Dr. Krishna Kumar Singh and Dr. Abhinita Daiya. Dr. Krishna Kumar sir conveyed the vote of thanks to all the participants, volunteers, sponsors and main coordinators for making Graffiti’23 a grand success. Even though the events were over, there was still plenty of enjoyment to be had. The entire student body along with participants from various colleges gathered for the Pro Night and to take in a wonderful evening of performances by Sunburn artistes. People danced to their heart’s content to the music of Julia Bliss, a well-known DJ. Thus the two-day affair of Graffiti’23 concluded as a megahit setting the bar high for Graffiti’24.